Bradley J Beman

Bradley J Bemanhighlights how small business owners can survive during COVID crisis

Bradley J Beman COVID has created unforeseen situations for the corporate world. Small business firms are facing tough times in comparison to other mediums and also large enterprises. For building business and also streamlining the operations, Brad Beman has come up with some valuable suggestions. He has served as the chief global chief investment officer at the AUIMs from 2010 to 2015. He had also held leadership positions in various investment industries across the globe.

Bradley Beman emphasizes on how technology can help you grow and organize your business

Many avenues can assist small business enterprises in making use of technology to expand their business. Points given points can help you grow your business:

  • Make yourself easily visible online: Having a website of your own can help you attract the attention of a global audience. A clean website is a mark of professionalism. Creating profiles on different sites may help you create a good impact on the clients. You will have to make sure that you appear on the search engine quickly. Having a good rating online can help you achieve your business targets rapidly.
  • Expand your reach with social media: Today, social media is a powerful medium in the hands of the masses. It is an effective way to establish a strong bond with your customers. Make sure that your presence on social media is regular and also meaningful. By going live on social media, you can gain the attention of your target audience. You must utilize different mechanisms of social media for the best results.
  • Stay connected via smartphone or tablet: To ensure that your clients reach you quickly, make sure that you use a good quality smartphone or a tablet. It will help you to stay connected with the clients regularly. It is considered a wise investment in your journey to foster a healthy relationship with the client.
  • Online Invoicing systems: If you are invoicing to keep track of your or the client’s expenses, then having an effective system is essential. Most of the online interfaces are easy to learn and also quite easily accessible from any mobile or computer.
  • Use calendar or project management system: When you are routinely managing documents and also appointments for the customers, keep everything organized and also centralized. A calendar system or project system is a great way to start things. It will help each member of your team access the client documents, schedules, and also share updates on one dashboard.
  • Consider using newsletter: Publishing a newsletter is an ideal way to build a strong relationship with your audience. It will help you to stay connected with them all the time. You have to make an effort to understand your target audience’s interests and also try to deliver values. You may attain this by way of email newsletters also. 

Bradley J Beman hence, small business firms in times of struggle can use the digital platform to achieve their business goals. It would help if you made different combinations of tools available online to cater to the specific needs of varying consumer prospects.