Startup Mentor EJ Dalius Shows How You Can Benefit by Joining an Accelerator Program

EJ Dalius when you establish a startup, especially for the first time. It is perfectly natural for you to be shaky and also doubtful of your ability to make the venture successful. At this point, you would love to be mentored by people. Who have been through the process and also receive a little financial assistance. The three to four-month accelerator programs for entrepreneurs are intended to do just that. If you are unsure about why you should consider joining an accelerator program, here are some very good reasons:

Wide-Ranging Support 

EJ Dalius new entrepreneurs can find the process of setting. Up and also running a startup not only tough but very lonely. Apart from getting valuable mentorship regarding. The various aspects of operating a successful venture. Accelerator programs give a lot of emotional support that can help you to stay the course. Accelerators have very experienced founders who can give you the benefit of their wide-ranging experience of successfully establishing business ventures.

Varied Activities to Make You a Better Entrepreneur

It is excusable to think that not much can be done in the three to four months. That the typical accelerator program runs, however, they are carefully structured so that participants undergo. A full set of activities including meetings with mentors, presentations. How to network effectively, feedback sessions, as well as social interaction. Entrepreneurs are eager to learn how to make them more productive. And also make their startups successful can learn a lot that they can immediately start applying to their businesses. However, the schedule can be very hectic and also you need to be sure if you have that. Much time to spare, according to

Access to Investors Becomes Easier, Says Eric Dalius

While it is true that accelerator programs are not intended to extend more than very modest funding to startups, the real benefit for entrepreneurs is that these programs connect them to investors who are interested in spotting the next big business opportunity. It is usual for accelerators to invite investors to the presentations made by the entrepreneurs on the “demo days”. If an investor sees potential in your business idea, it can open up a funding opportunity that can help you to scale up your startup from an idea to actual operations observes Eric J Dalius.

Better Risk Management

To be successful, entrepreneurs have to get on top of diverse functions including product design. Technology, operations, pricing, marketing and also sales, staffing, customer service, as well as finance. Weaknesses in any of these functions can have a significant impact on your venture’s performance. The mentors at the accelerators can assist you to learn how to conduct risk assessments. And also to take steps in minimizing them by proactive management tactics.  


The purpose of an accelerator program is to compress years of accumulated expertise into a few months so that entrepreneurs can flatten their learning curves drastically. An accelerator is akin to a personal trainer that can get you up to speed with improved techniques to overcome challenges or to motivate you to greater heights of success. The collaborative environment of an accelerator program is extremely enabling and also conducive for the formation of long-term relationships with the founders, investors, and also peers.