About Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius: A true visionary and performer with a heart of gold

Eric Dalius can start a business and also achieve success. But only true leaders and also visionaries look at it as an opportunity to give back to humanity and society. An archetypical example of this is businessperson and entrepreneur Eric J Dalius. His marketing experience spans more than 20 years. He has always focused on building successful business ventures, which many people do. But what sets him apart from everyone is his willingness to give back. Regardless of the keen attention on turning a company profitable, he tries to empower the new generation and the community so that everyone can flourish and enjoy a happy life. 


While he is in his mid-retirement phase after scaling unmatchable heights of success, EJ Dalius is still quite active and also passionate about certain things. He devotes his maximum time to the Eric J. Dalius Foundation, which allows aspiring students to pursue their studies without worrying about the burden of tuition fees. He started this philanthropic foundation in 2018. Apart from this, he does many other humanitarian activities using his assets for funding scholarships and also grants. 

Eric began his marketing career through the ‘Network Marketing Business Model’ or the MLM. He started it when he was already juggling with plenty of other things that needed his involvement. He coached numerous old and present-day organizations wanting to leverage MLM. Even today, his readiness to guide and also assist anyone desiring to launch an MLM company is an inspiration for everybody.

Eric ran a reputable telecommunications consultancy company in 1994 and tasted immense success. Despite his busy schedules, he managed to train youngsters willing to learn baseball and also about life. In the ’90s, he became a popular name in the business circle. Many started recognizing him as a successful entrepreneur.

He worked for MCI Telecom, and also within two years of joining, he got tremendous recognition for his sales skills in the country. From there, he moved to another venture for creative freedom and expression.


In 1992, Eric Dalius completed his graduation degree in marketing at Penn State University. He was an excellent student, and also when he started his career immediately after graduation, he excelled there too.

Personal background

He is a proud resident of Miami, a famous and also busiest American port. If you meet him, you would probably hear lots of things about his hometown. With a wealth of 30 years of marketing experience and also knowledge, Eric knows what one can achieve through targeted and well-designed marketing. He is well aware of its impact on buyers and helps businesses boost their product sales.

In this competitive and ruthless world of competition, one needs preparedness and guidance even before starting up. Without dynamism and also focus, it can be challenging to carve a niche for oneself. Getting noticed is one thing, and also becoming profitable is another. For sustainability and growth, a business has to attain both. Eric’s leadership, marketing brain, and entrepreneurial zeal can pave the way. He is forever ready to assist anyone who wants to do something in their academic or professional life.