American Car Makers Resume Manufacturing after the Coronavirus Stoppage

Almost two months makers after the coronavirus pandemic stopped the “Big Three” in their tracks, the assembly lines started to roll once more in Detroit’s celebrated automobile plants with workers wearing masks, undergoing temperature checks, and practicing protocols of social distancing. Even though some of the workers have expressed their worries about working side by side as typical assembly lines require them to do, automakers say that they will not compromise health and sanitation issues by implementing social distancing and other protective measures.

Resumption of Manufacturing Will Influence the Outcome of the Upcoming Elections

In a sign of support, President Donald Trump scheduled a visit to Ford’s plant in Michigan that had switched to manufacturing ventilators and other essential medical equipment. This move by the automakers brings in a spurt of economic activity in the Midwestern United States, perceived as a critical swing area in the U.S. elections coming up later this year. The resumption of manufacturing comes at a time when millions of jobs. A very gloomy picture for car sales this year, though, in recent makers weeks, industry. Analysts have noticed some signs pointing to a limited recovery.

It may be recalled that General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, popularly known as the “Big Three” halted production in the middle of March after the unions forced them to do so after cases of infection in some of their facilities. According to, UAW has been working with all the three manufacturers about safety measures at the plants.

Focus on Implementing Hygiene Protocols at the Plants

Laruante Gary, an FCA production manager at the plant in Warren, Michigan that builds the Ram 1500 trucks. Said that makers maintaining the required six-foot distance in a plant that employed over 1000 workers could be very difficult. GM spokesperson, Jim Cain remarked that the company that manufactured GMC, Chevrolet, and other popular brands, was fully on the alert and were providing facemasks and other PPE besides taking the body temperature of the employees.

Among the steps, implemented by all the companies, were workstation disinfection, space revamps, staggering of the shift times to prevent crowding as well as installing soap dispensers and cleaning equipment throughout the facilities. They will also undertake to have workers displaying COVID-19 symptoms tested. Mary Barra, chief executive of GM had earlier in the month remarked. That the company would restart production in a phased and considerate manner. By starting just one shift before trying to ramp up the production. Both Ford and FCA too are reopening their factories in a phased manner. While both the companies have declined to provide a timeline for return. To full capacity, GM has expressed its makers hope of being able to get back. Its pre-COVID-19 output in four weeks.

Analysts Warn of Lower Productivity 

According to analysts, it is expected, at least initially, that productivity. Will take a hit due to not only social distancing but also disruption continuing in the supply chains. Worldwide that may result in companies facing trouble in importing parts from coronavirus-affected countries. Moody’s cut its 2020 outlook for American makers auto sales projecting a 25% drop over last year.