The Advantage That Entrepreneurs Have in a Pandemic by Brian C. Jensen

Brian Jensen Entrepreneurship has never been an easy job, as it tends to be fraught with uncertainties and frequent upheaval. But sailing through all the tough times and rising from the ashes like a phoenix can be uplifting for any entrepreneur. With every failure or tough time, you are always presented with opportunities for growth and change. Hence, there is a reason to maintain some sense of optimism during this pandemic that is churning through the world. In looking at history, you will come across many terrible events that caused enormous transformations. For example, the 1300s plague paved the way for many new jobs and emerging sectors. Additionally, due to Cholera in the mid 18th century, humans gained better infrastructure and sanitation. Then, the Spanish Flu in 1918 brought major advancements to healthcare.

Entrepreneurs must not lose sight of their ambitions during this current crisis. There are some positive things to benefit from, even at this time. Let’s take a look.

Positive things for entrepreneurs during the pandemic, by Brian C. Jensen


One overlooked benefit of any major crisis is their ability to show you the mirror. What you otherwise may deny about yourself or your ventures may suddenly become a priority, and you are forced to rapidly make decisions. This happens because these situations threaten your success and business continuity. Just think of your life pre-pandemic. What would have been your reaction if someone questioned your way of doing something? Many would have brushed the comment off, and gone about their preferred and comfortable mode of operation.

If you fast forward to now, you will have hopefully realized that nothing can ever be taken for granted and that by continually rethinking how you work and think you can make the most out of any situation. You can reinvent your business by coming up with solutions to possible social issues, which lacked attention before COVID-19, says Brian C. Jensen.


A few months back, nobody was ready to work from home. Adequate tools were also not widely available to most businesses for this style of working due to constant opposition to digitizing the workplace. This led to minimal investments in such systems. But today, things look much different. The virus has made these systems not only ideal but mandatory in order to Brian Jensen to maintain business continuity, which has been a boon to those who develop these tools. Extensive requirements for remote work systems show that startups can rise to these challenges and solve them with their services. In your own business, you may want to explore opportunities in digital infrastructure consisting of cloud computing and processes, as well as healthcare-related technologies and services.

Opportunity spotting

Governance and regulations must change rapidly and frequently to fit into the new circumstances a crisis may bring. Brian Jensen at another time, ¬†you couldn’t take away a cocktail from a local restaurant’s front door, but now you can have one delivered to your car in a takeaway container. Telehealth options used to be limited, and now they are the method of choice for non-emergency services. All of this is evolving because of regulatory reforms. As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of these changes and carve out means of serving your customers and attracting new businesses. If these new regulations Brian Jensen remained unchanged for post-pandemic, those who invest in emerging opportunities will benefit enormously.

So, as an entrepreneur, what should you expect from this pandemic? If you find the law has changed and you can take advantage of it, then you must innovate and find means of creating value for your target audience.