SarahBethHartlage– A few STEM related observations

Although gender and income inequality observations aren’t yet issues of the past. Women continue to leave an unmistakable impact in the various fields related to science and healthcare. With women already making up the majority of the workforce in fields such as healthcare.

A few crucial findings of women in healthcare

STEM refers to science, technology, engineering, and math, and is used to describe many fields, including healthcare. The healthcare landscape has seen a tremendous impact from female pioneers such as SarahBethHartlage among many others, who are working hard to help patients’ observations live better. Here are a few essential findings that exemplify the importance of  motivating women into healthcare and also other STEM-related fields:

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women represent as much as 80% of the healthcare staff in the United States. Despite this, few women take on leadership roles in this domain. Less than 21% of the healthcare leadership workforce are women, and also just 1/3 of all doctors are women. With increased emphasis on encouraging women into these areas, the numbers have a chance to increase.
  • Research has shown that women make up that majority of patients seeking routine medical treatments. And also they are more likely to have more questions related to diagnosis, treatment, or test. Also, in the United States, women take on over 80% of health care decisions. As they usually act as caregivers when any member of the family is ill. Allowing more women the opportunity to consult with other women when making these important healthcare decisions. It could allow for better doctor-patient relations, and also improve health outcomes.
  • 90% of nurses are women, and their success in the field is unmistakable. Women also have particularly high work performance as nutritionists, physical therapists, and also lactation consultants. There is a huge scope of positions for women to fit into, and also research is very quickly finding that they are majorly successful in these roles.

A few medical study highlights

Numerous studies have highlighted that a female patient is more comfortable with a female nurse practitioner. This is true in numerous other healthcare-related fields as well, and also increasing the number of women. In these roles could help to improve patient relations, which has been shown to have a significant effect on healthcare outcomes.

All of these indications point to the magnitude that women have in the field of healthcare. As healthcare observations costs continue to increase, and medical professional shortages. Become more widespread, encouraging more women into these high need roles is a means of bridging these critical gaps. Women have proven their ability to create healthy environments that are compassionate, caring, and highly attuned to patient needs. And so this encouragement is a means of both improving care and increase positive health outcomes as well.

Author Bio – ClaireMiller is a holistic healer and takes a keen interest in studying homeopathy and nutrition.   One of her specialties include researching the strides of female healthcare professionals suchSarahBethHartlage and she writes about these women and their achievements in her blog.