Martin Polanco: Why are psychedelic drugs and therapies making a comeback?

Martin Polanco our mind is calm, and it’s the thoughts that go restless. The new-age doctors, ancient healers, and also shamans were always aware of this fact. It is the reason why they took a holistic approach when it came to treating mental afflictions. Also, the mind is a magic realm, which respond differently to different substances. Conventional medicines can impact just a small fraction of the mind or brain. Which is why there’s temporary relief from acute pains and also depression. But when it comes to psychedelics, the brain can open up to incredible healing capacities. However, having the correct intention here is essential.

What comes in the way of healing mental health?

Afflictions of the mind need to be managed and treated carefully! According to the practicing shamans and alternative medicine men of Mexico, the brain only exhibits specific symptoms under clinical conditions. That doesn’t mean doctors and also counselors have managed to know the root cause of a person’s depression or destructive abilities. The person needs to let go of his/her guards to heal. Psychedelic drugs work by minimizing a person’s psychological defenses. On measured consumptions, it works on the pituitary gland and establishes a connection with the metaphysical realm of the mind.

Person To Become Conscious

That helps a person to become conscious of all the uncomfortable and negative thoughts they possess. When these thoughts and also memories come to the surface, they don’t feel restless and the need to escape. Instead, they therapeutically process the same. There’s a rewiring that the brain undergoes, which helps in releasing past patterns, emotional wounds, and deep-set trauma. Furthermore, psychedelic drugs can also maximize neuroplasticity, which makes a person’s neurons to create new connections and also new memories. To know more about this, you can read more about Martin Polanco.

The presence of psychedelic drugs

Martin Polanco for decades, psychedelic drugs have played a crucial part in human healing! It was one of the potent ways of treatment in the aboriginal tribes and ancient cultures before the conventional medicines and prescription drugs appeared. There are several cultures and also tribal groups around the globe that used psychedelic plants in their purification rituals and healing ceremonies. So, what exactly is the philosophy behind psychedelic drugs? It is to heal a person physically, spiritually, and also mentally.

The reason for the comeback

Conventional allopathic medicine provides short-term respite! And its effect on the brain makes a person lose touch with his inner awareness about the body. The shamans and also ancient medicine men would never consider allopathic medicines as a healing agent. Psychedelic drugs and therapies, on the other hand, helps a person to establish a connection with the metaphysical and spiritual world and look deep within themselves. It allows them to tap into the root cause of any addiction or issue and work on it. Hence, the healing is permanent and benefits more than allopathic medicine.

Psychedelic Drugs And Therapies

Psychedelic drugs and therapies used, along with hypnosis, can help to reprogram the mind. People with extreme phobia and deep-set fear patterns can benefit from this manifold. It can help people heal from negative thinking, suicidal tendencies, trauma, abuse, depression, and PTSD from within. It reaches those parts of the brain and also memory, where traditional medicine can’t. The reason why the youth and also others are tapping into psychedelic treatments.