Does the law of attraction work, or it’s an illusion of the mind? Jonah Engler has some interesting observations

Most of us have grown up with the ideology that life attraction has its pains and struggles. We have read volumes about destiny and also fate and made peace with it! We grow up believing that we don’t get everything we want. And also that makes the majority of us grow up thinking life as uncertain and also limiting. Suddenly, one morning we get introduced to the new-age philosophy of the “Law of Attraction,” made famous by the book and also movie “The Secret,” – stating that we can get all we want. It’s all in mind.

This phenomenon has given rise to a revolutionary way of thinking for many. Simultaneously, people were appreciating or criticizing this way of thinking and also being. The question remains the same – Is the “Law of Attraction” real? Or it’s all a mind gimmick made famous by a few new-age thinkers? Jonah Engler, an avid reader of holistic health and mind-body connection, has few interesting views.

The “Law of Attraction” through the Jonah Engler’s lens

In essence, the Law of Attraction is all about the power of the mind. The theory suggests that whatever our mind focuses on, it amplifies. For example, if we are thinking of despair, we tend to craft out immediate reality the same way. On the other hand, if we have a positive, bright, and joyous outlook about life, we tend to draw similar situations and also predicaments. Here are a few views supporting this theory.

  1. Energy flows, where attention goes

It is a popular new-age philosophy that the holistic authors and also counselors live by! It translates to the fact that we are all energy beings, and our attention directs our energy. For instance, a patient who feels he can’t recover from a bad case of knee injury will feel dejected most of the time. If the doctor asserts with confidence that pain will go away soon, chances are the patient will recover quickly. It’s a classic case of a placebo, where the patient heals because he thinks and also believes he can, counting on the doctor’s verdict.

  • You are the creator of your life

No one can’t discount fate or destiny. But that doesn’t go on to prove that human effort and also will have less power. The truth is humans can chart the course of their lives by merely managing their focus and also mind. For, the bulk of our good/bad memory depends on the mind training we exercise. Hence, if you decide to accomplish a task, you will do it. If there are hurdles in between, you might fail a few times. But if your mind focuses on action, you will accomplish your goals.

  • Gratitude brings more abundance

The “Law of Attraction” considers gratitude as an essential tool for manifesting the life you want. If you count on three positive aspects of your life, instead of thirty unfavorable ones, your life will take a positive turn for good and also forever. It’s the famous theory of “like attracts like,” where the emotions you feel most, charts your path. So, when you are in gratitude, you have more joy, which helps you attract the right situations for life.

The mind is a powerhouse that needs to get used with caution, knowledge, and training. Using the “Law of Attraction,” you can train your mind for better realities and successful life.