Gary Saitowitz: The entrepreneurial burnout and ways to prevent it

Gary Saitowitz no one must exhaust oneself completely, in life and business! Entrepreneurs often face a burnout phase, that makes everything fall apart. There are wrong decisions and business losses during this phase. But is entrepreneurial burnout real? Or is it a myth? People have often argued about it. For some people, a business burnout phase is a result of wrong decisions and strategies.

Gary Saitowitz says the simple answer is, burnout is not at all myth! Instead, the myth is to think that you can carry on work in an unsustainable manner for years. The truth is, no business can and should aim to do that. There’s no honor for entrepreneurs in working to death and then getting washed out of business soon, before making profits they could have.

How can you prevent business burnout?

There will be moments of business fatigue and toil, leading to burnout! The task is to prevent that burnout, and for that, you need to take measures regularly. The first thing to do is to stop all your worries and start implementing sustainable work habits. And that means you need to set boundaries, limits and creating better working conditions. Some of the smart steps that entrepreneurs must follow are:

Having marked workdays and holidays

There’s no grace in working every weekend! Initially, entrepreneurs might have to work 24×7 to set their business at a profitable pace. However, once the business reaches a profit-making stage, entrepreneurs need to slow down and take weekend offs. It will help them to rewind and function with a renewed vigor. That way, their business will last longer and not reach a burnout phase.

Consult employees before taking a project

A business is as good as its employee and staff strength! The success of a small business entrepreneur depends on the involvement and effort the employees are willing to put in. Hence, before confirm to a client project, entrepreneurs need to discuss the same with the employees. Also, they should mutually agree upon a service term, so that there’s no excruciating pressure for a prolonged time.

Should set boundaries

Entrepreneurs need to get selective about their work after a while! It will help them to make the best use of their existing human and other resources. Saying yes to every work might fetch money, but it will lead to quick burnout. It’s essential to conduct research and know the kind of work that will bring good revenue and reputation to the company.

Create a pleasant working environment

Entrepreneurs can reduce or eliminate the burnout phase by establishing a sustainable and healthy working environment. For this, it is necessary to recruit the correct people who can contribute to company growth. Any negative attitude and lousy culture fit in the company spread like a virus. It is essential to identify the same and resolve it at the earliest. A negative mindset doesn’t lead to any good. It is necessary to create a work ambiance built on empathy, knowledge-sharing, and professionalism.

The market today is competitive. Every business is trying its best to sustain it. Hence, it is essential to thriving successfully than getting burnt out. The steps mentioned above will help entrepreneurs to sustain their business for a long time.