10 Tips to Travel with Chinchillas

Chinchillas are very exciting pets to have at home as they are fun to play with and have great personalities. As they are exotic pets, they need more care and caution compared to other small animals. They love to stay in a large cage. They get irritated if their fur gets wet. Chinchillas love to jump heights.

When travelling, Chinchillas need to feel safe and secure. You need to make sure that he is comfortable under the circumstances. One can make use of pet carrier while travelling as it is made for transporting animals. It should be well ventilated with plenty of room and securely closed. Your pet should be able to survive the impact, in case of an accident. Most of the people overlook this and avoid buying a travel carrier.

Therefore, below are some tips that help you to have a safe journey with your favourite pet-

  • Avoid taking chinchilla in an aquarium, cloth carrier or any card box. Buying a travel carrier is as important as buying a cage.  Avoid using plastic carrier. You can opt for a small cage or wire carrier. Make sure to use a fleece blanket to cover the bottom of the carrier or cage so that your pet feels comfortable.
  • You can even put a small amount of hay in the carrier unless it is a sudden trip. If you are travelling in a car, maintain a moderate temperature inside. It should neither be too cold or too hot. You can even keep a bottle of frozen water in the travel carrier to reduce the temperature.
  • Make sure to keep a water bottle in the cage. Usually, chinchillas do not drink much while travelling. So, don’t forget to offer it water periodically.
  • Cover the carrier partially while travelling. This gives a sense of security to the chinchilla. Avoid putting the animal directly under sunlight. Though you are covering it, ensure that it is getting proper ventilation and air.
  • Speak often with the pet to assure him that you are with him throughout the journey. Usually, chinchillas settle down very soon and fall asleep as soon as the journey begins.
  • Chinchillas mingle easily with other pets. So, you need not have to worry if you are taking other pets along with chinchilla. Avoid placing the pet on the floor of your vehicle, because the heat from underneath makes it feel uncomfortable.
  • Never leave chinchillas overnight alone, even if you are going for a 1-2 day trip. You should make an arrangement for someone to check your pet every day in your absence.
  • The great thing about travelling with chinchillas is that they can be carried into hotels and resorts without being noticed by others. Don’t move the travel carrier or cage much, as more is the movement, the more harm it causes to the pet. If you move them frequently, they learn your presence and stop trusting you.
  • Pack the carrier with familiar items to keep it entertained. To relieve the boredom, favourite toys and blocks will help.
  • If you are travelling by air, make sure to procure all the documentation that is required by the airline. Some of the essential documents are – license, health certification, etc. depending on the destination you are travelling.

Chinchillas should be treated as a member of the family and hence, one should buy the right things that they feel essential for their family.