2021 Grant By Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius has the habit of setting near-impossible-to-attain targets and has a passion for exploring broader horizons and attaining new heights of glory. He is driven by an unflinching vision; he has instituted the Eric Dalius Grant with the hope of helping an underprivileged but deserving student to achieve his entrepreneurship dreams. EJ Dalius is a perfectionist to the core who is quite intolerant of individuals who are lacking in vision or talent. Eric J. Dalius has a deep-seated desire to overcome all hurdles and win come what may.

So, we want to invite your College/University students for this scholarship program.  

Eric Dalius

Scholarship Details :

Award Amount: $1000
Submission Deadline: 
April 1, 2021
Winner Announcement: 
April 15, 2021