Best Hollywood Movie Posters that Have Left an Everlasting Imprint on Every Movie Buff’s Mind

Often just a fascinating movie poster is enough to spark your interest in a movie and kindle desire to see the film. So, an eye-catching, cleverly designed Hollywood movie poster could entice and motivate you to watch the film upon its release. Film posters use vibrant colour schemes, arresting images, therefore, clever design concepts are sure to leave a profound impact on the minds of the movie enthusiasts. We know that these movie posters are not just mere marketing materials; it is quite a well-known fact that film posters are undisputedly an impressive art form in their own rights. Some of the best, most talented, god-gifted and creative designers and illustrators have already come up with marvellous works of art in the form of iconic film posters that took us by storm.

Vintage film

As per, even years back in 2008, vintage film posters were received with tremendous fanfare at an auction held at Christie’s International in London. This sale set five new world records for film memorabilia prices and in no uncertain terms showed the world that there is a real market for such items. Perhaps the crowning glory of the exhibit was a measly 14×11 inch original 1942 poster for Casablanca, which, despite being significantly smaller than conventional posters is considered incredibly rare and collectible. The item fetched a whopping $9500 (or GBP 4750) and will grace the collector’s personal exhibit for years to come. If you are looking to get into the action and become a movie memorabilia collector, perhaps the most accessible entry point are smaller posters, often deemed “lobby cards” or “window cards”.

The craze for Hollywood film posters still continues worldwide. If you wish to buy the best Hollywood movie posters India, you could browse through reputed online sites. In addition, here are some of the all-time hot favourites

The Godfather

No movie aficionado could ever forget the poster of famous Hollywood movie ‘The Godfather’. The portrayal of Don Corleone by Marlon Brando is incredibly stunning. The poster had Marlon Brando wearing a black tuxedo that fades into the totally black background. However, the star of this brilliantly designed poster was the familiar puppeteer logo that was directly taken from the book cover of Mario Puzo and was perfectly designed by the super-talented S. Neil Fujita, who is known to be a legendary graphic designer. The unique thing about this poster is that everything is in black and white yet it conveys to you everything that you require knowing.

The Silence of the Lambs

The film’s most popular poster had a somewhat blanched Jodie Foster picture. The main focus is on death’s head moth and the skull that is strategically placed on its back, comprising nude women. You could draw all sorts of symbolism from the poster colours, moth’s placement, and other finer details. However, you could describe this famous poster as simply a chilling picture.

Jurassic Park

This phenomenal Hollywood movie’s poster certainly had no frills whatsoever. The poster contained the logo of the Jurassic Park against a neat and simple black background with this caption or title “An Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making.” This surely adds to the uniqueness of the poster of Jurassic Park. The poster becomes identifiable at once and transmits all the information or message with simple elegance. This is a testament to the reality that at times, less is supposed to be more.


James Cameron has presented to us several masterpieces. His consistency is commendable and he is regarded as a true visionary who has created masterpieces such as The Abyss, The Terminator, and Avatar and revolutionized the Hollywood film industry. However, Titanic is his greatest contribution to the Hollywood film poster industry. Titanic has won the Oscar and it has been acknowledged as the highest-grossing Hollywood film. The picture of the ocean liner that is splitting the screen conveys to everyone the threat of the impending danger against the backdrop of the romance blossoming between Rose and Jack.


The poster for promoting the movie Jaws was an iconic Hollywood movie poster that proved to be pretty terrifying to everyone. The poster highlighted the disturbing picture that was demonstrating the intense white rising about to devour its unsuspecting victim. This poster highlighted the incredibly oversized beast and its gaping jaws showing uneven sharp and pointed teeth. This used to be one of the most terrifying posters and it managed to fill the hearts of beach vacationers and swimmers with fears of shark attacks. If you are a movie enthusiast, you would surely love to buy classic Hollywood posters online.


We know that all aspects of movie promotion and advertising are given a lot of attention. The success of a movie campaign depends primarily on grabbing the attention of movie buffs. Attention to the slightest details is given by film poster designers and graphic artists. All Hollywood movie posters are both planned and designed for touching the hearts of movie lovers.