Bob Odenkirk Falls Down on Set of Better Call Saul

Better Caul Saul’s lead character Bob Odenkirk collapses on the set on Tuesday while filming in New Mexico and had to go to the hospital, Better Call Saul.

The crew members of the set ushered an ambulance to admit the actor to the hospital. A close person of Bob confirmed that he remained in the hospital on Tuesday night. However, it isn’t clear how or why he suffered from the collapse and how long the treatment will undergo. 

Better Call Saul is the spin-off and prequel version of the famous TV series Breaking Bad that has been shooting its final or 6th season that is expecting to be airing on Netflix next year. 

However, as per a new report, Bob is in stable condition and the primary reason for his collapse on the set was a heart attack. According to an actor on the set, Bob is in stable condition and will be recovering soon after experiencing a heart attack. He also said that Bob and his family members have expressed deepest gratitude to the doctors and nurses as well as the producer, director, and crew members who stayed by his side. They also thanked everyone for their warm wishes and asked for privacy while Bob works on his recovery process. 

Nate Odenkirk, Bob’s son tweeted that He’s going to be okay once he enters the recovery phase. 

Sources say that the production of the 6th and final season of Better Call Raul was 50% complete at the time of Odenkirk’s heart attack. However, the production stooped on Wednesday and everyone was focusing on Odenkirk’s health. It’s not sure how long the production will remain halted. 

AMC gave a statement saying, “Bob is a strong person. And we know and work with him for a long time. The immediate affection and response of his fans all over the world is a clear indication of his extraordinary talents. And abilities to entertain people. Just like everyone else, we are also extremely happy and grateful to know that his health condition is stable. And also he’s out of danger. We’re holding the production for now and wishing him a fast and healthy recovery”. 

After the incident, Sony Pictures TV also stated that Bob Odenkirk has been a crucial part of the Sony Pictures family for many years and they are fortunate to work with such an incredible and talented human being. Along with his millions of supporters worldwide, Sony Pictures is also wishing him a speedy recovery. 

Bob Odenkirk is a 4 time Emmy nominee for his portrayal has slimy lawyer Saul Goodman. This role originated from the Emmy-winning drama Breaking Bad. He reprises the role and created a better spinoff prequel known as Better Call Saul. This film also represents the same Mexico hub as Breaking Bad. As per a report, Better Call Saul is set to launch on Netflix by 2022. 

Not only Breaking Bad but also Better Call Saul created AMC a strong network. The franchise is undoubtedly one of the most valued properties of Sony Pictures TV.