Eric Dalius Miami: 15 LinkedIn Strategies That Will Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business growth says Eric Dalius Miami.

Here are 15 strategies to help you make the most of it:

1. Claim your LinkedIn company page.

This is where you can create a profile for your business and add information such as products and services, team members, news and events, and more.

2. Complete your profile.

Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date, with a professional headshot and a strong description of what your business does.

3. Connect with current and potential customers.

Use LinkedIn to connect with current and potential customers, by joining relevant groups, sending invitations to connect, and posting updates and articles that might be of interest.

4. Establish yourself as a thought leader.

Post updates and articles, share infographics, answer questions in the LinkedIn groups you join, and upload webinars to establish you as a thought leader explains Eric Dalius Miami.

5. Be active on LinkedIn.

Make sure you are actively participating in your LinkedIn community by answering messages, joining industry-related discussions, posting updates and articles on your company page, following companies that are of interest to your business, etc.

6. Take advantage of advertising opportunities.

LinkedIn has ads that can be targeted based on location or company size (among other options). You can create an ad campaign with multiple ads that target different audiences for very specific types of exposure.

7. Implement analytics tools.  

If you have a LinkedIn company page, you receive free access to a suite of analytics tools. That can help you track visitors to your company page and see how effective ads are.

8. Measure the results of your efforts.  

There is a wide range of metrics available on LinkedIn that can help you measure the results of your efforts – including views, engagement rate, impressions – click-through rate (CTR), number of invites sent, number of people invited who took action (such as visiting your website or connecting with you), etc.

9. Engage!  

It’s important to stay active in all aspects of your LinkedIn community – both online and offline.

10. Go mobile!

You should be able to manage everything related to your LinkedIn presence from your mobile device. This includes viewing updates, messages, and invitations; posting updates, articles, and photos; answering questions; and more.

11. Use groups to your advantage.

Groups provide opportunities for you to connect with interested people and provide help and advice, share industry-related news, etc. Eric Dalius Miami says you can search LinkedIn for groups that are relevant to your business and join the ones that best fit your needs. Make sure you know how a group works before jumping in – it’s a great way to build relationships by asking questions, answering inquiries from other members, being active in discussions, etc.

12. Participate in LinkedIn Answers.

As long as you have a LinkedIn profile, you can participate in LinkedIn Answers – ask questions or answer them related to your field of expertise. This is a great way to engage deeply with certain topics beyond just social media participation on LinkedIn itself.

13. Get recommendations from your colleagues, customers, and other professionals.

Recommendations are a great way to highlight the work you have done for someone else’s business or personal benefit, establish yourself as an expert in your field, provide added trust to potential new client relationships, etc. However, you can ask people individually or suggest that they write one on your behalf if you don’t have the time.

14. Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry.

LinkedIn has many different groups you can join based on industry-specific topics – join the ones that are most relevant to your line of work so that when people search for keywords related to what you offer, they will find you via these groups. Also, make sure when participating in LinkedIn groups, you are sharing content/updates related to the group’s interests.

15. Be aware of LinkedIn Pulse.

LinkedIn recently introduced a new feature called Pulse – it is essentially an online newsreader that can be personalized based on what industry topics you’re interested in and who you’re following. It provides another way for LinkedIn members to find your company updates if they are specifically seeking insight on certain topics you have expertise in or are publishing articles about.


There are many other ways to use LinkedIn for business growth, but these 20 strategies should be a good starting point says Eric Dalius Miami. Try some of them out and see what works best for you. And don’t forget to measure the results so you can continue to improve your efforts!