Eric J Dalius: How can startups make crowdfunding work for them?

Crowdfunding is a viable option for business financing, especially for small business. Startups that can receive both encouragement and also cash to set the ball rolling. Crowdfunding works in similar lines of social networking, and also all entrepreneurs must do is to create a business profile on a crowdfunding platform which they can select after comparing a few similar platforms. Choosing a top crowdfunding site should work well in creating the outreach, but it is hard to say the kind of response it would receive. There is no guarantee of the amount you can raise through crowdfunding except for making an honest approach with a firm belief that it should work.

What works for crowdfunding is hard to say, but to have better insights about what can work, it is better to talk to some experts who have gone through the process a few times and ready to share their experience.  In addition to talking to experienced entrepreneurs, you must also know the other side of the story by talking to some investors to gauge their mindset before they put in their money.

Here are some tips from the Eric Dalius’s mouth that could be useful in setting the right expectations.

Pre-launch preparation

Regardless of the corpus, you aim at, it is essential to have a good understanding of the extent of work. And also commitment required to taste success in startup funding. It will be a mistake to assume that money will start flowing in on its own once. You take your business to the crowdfunding platform. It is also foolish to think that hiring marketers and advertising a lot would help.

Staying committed to the project from the first day by creating new ideas and content to generate momentum from the initial stages should ensure that you receive a lot of contributions within the first few days of the campaign, which is very much essential.

Rewards must be attractive

Since bonuses are a consideration for the donors, it must be enticing enough to attract them. Rewards give people bragging rights, and it must be something worth sharing on the social media. That satisfies the ego of the donors. Rewards must be such that boost their self-esteem and also make them feel important. For example, if you are crowdfunding for a movie, if the names of donors appear. In the credits of the film, it gives a sense of pride to donors who would be happy to donate for the project.

Know the audience

Crowdfunding is far from throwing stones in the dark. If you are using crowdfunding to raise capital for your business. Startup, you must know where the money lies and also who are the possible investors. About whom you should have some idea. The networking alone does not help because if the investors do not have any inkling about. The man behind the project, they would not be much interested in putting in their money. 

The cause of investment must be not only interesting but also useful for investors like providing some solutions to problems that are facing or likely to face, which motivates them to invest.