Grand Movie Premiere for Disney’s Jungle Cruise despite Pandemic

On July 24, 2021, exactly a year after it had a schedule for release. Disney’s Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt premiered at the place where it should have, Disneyland. Despite concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic that had delayed the release of the film. Disney went the whole hog to put up a special show for the attendees. Even though the premiere resulted in the temporary closure of a few rides. And the fireworks show gave a unique chance for regular park visitors to catch a glimpse of the stars. Led by both Johnson and Blunt as they took the Jungle Cruise ride. Following this, they went to the Fantasyland theater to hit the red carpet.

A Welcome Sense of Normalcy

Undoubtedly among the biggest Hollywood film premieres since the movie halls were opening up in spring after remaining closed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Jungle Cruise launch was the first appearance at any major public event for many of the people who attended. The attendees would require to provide proof of having undergone vaccination. Or a negative RT-PCR test to get admittance to the event. With movie premiere staples like multiple stops on the red carpet to photo ops for guests. Displays of the costumes of the characters, fan pens, and the inevitable buckets of popcorn making their appearance. And not to speak of a delayed start of the film screening, the premiere was successful in bringing back a sense of pre-COVID-19 normalcy. Save the shuttle ride from the parking lot to the park, the attendees did not require to wear masks. For that matter, only a few guests and some children not eligible for a vaccine were to be wearing masks. However, most of the staffers did wear face coverings.

With the pandemic showing no sign of abating. The challenge for the organizers was to achieve the look and feel of a pre-COVID era grand movie premiere. The event was held outdoors in its entirety, with all the elements like the red carpet, the reception on the Adventureland streets, the open-air Fantasyland. The theater is on hold after the park was closing for visitors at 10 PM. Working in favor of the no-mask even was the absence of mask guidelines in Orange County, where Disneyland is situated. In the county of Los Angeles, from where most of the guests came, masks are requiring. But only for indoor gatherings, according to the masking regulations issued consequent to the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus. The only noticeable concession made for the pandemic was that no elaborate dinner. As is customary, was serve and the guests were only served snacks on the go.

The Adventure of a Lifetime Finally On the Screens

The movie adaptation of Jungle Cruise has gone through several incarnations in the last 17 years. And had a schedule for release on October 19, 2020. With the pandemic raging, it was first postponed to July 24, 2020, and then again to July 30, 2021. According to Johnson, who also is producing the film. “It was something we were wanting to deliver to families around the world in hopes that they had a good time. We hope that achieved our goal.”