Looking Into Renewable Plan Options? Here’s What Your Need to Know

1. Renewable Facts And Info

Renewable energy is energy from natural sources, generated from natural processes. These sources are constantly replenishing and they can’t be exhausted. They include wind, sunlight, geothermal heat, water, and biomass.

Every day, our cars, factories, and electricity generators send tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The atmosphere gets polluted and these emissions create the greenhouse effect. This makes our planet warmer.

The biggest source of these global warming emissions in the US is the electric industry. Also, New York is among the top 3 of the world’s highest level CO2 producers. We would like these facts to change, wouldn’t we?

On the other hand, renewable sources of energy produce very little or no global warming effects. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is why more and more people choose renewable energy plans for their households.

2. Should I Get A Renewable Energy Plan To Power My Home

Nowadays, you have plenty of options when it comes to powering your home. You can choose between electricity, natural gas, and some of the renewable sources of energy, such as wind energy, solar power, biomass systems, etc.

There are many benefits of renewable energy. If you are thinking about adopting renewables, maybe some of these aspects can help you make the right decision.

They save money

If you live in New York, as one of the top 5 most expensive US states, you know that you need to spend your money wisely. Energy choice is one of the most important decisions you need to make.

Solar panels, wind turbines, or biomass systems may be initially costly. Yet. they can save you a significant amount on your monthly ConEd utility bills. With renewables you can save 250 to 900$ a year, depending on the energy source.

Environmental and health benefits

Coal and natural gas plants emit pollution that causes breathing problems, heart attacks, and cancer. On the other hand, renewable energy sources produce very little or no greenhouse gas emissions and positively impact nature and health.

They are reliable

Renewable energy sources won’t run out since we generate them from natural sources. As long as we rely on sunshine or wind in energy production, we can be calm as we can’t run out of them.

Also, these sources are less prone to big failures because they are modular and distributed.

3. Other Ways To Save Energy And Live Sustainably

Besides opting for renewable energy sources, there are some other ways to save energy. These are some of them.

Unplug devices you don’t use

Do you know what phantom loads are? Are you one of those people who leave their chargers plugged in even though they don’t use them? Well, it’s time to put a stop to that.

If you unplug all your small devices, adapters, and chargers when you don’t use them, you can save a lot of energy, which can have a positive impact on your electricity bill.

Use LED bulbs

LED bulbs are a smart choice. They last much longer than the traditional bulbs and spend far less energy. Also, they don’t contain any harmful gases.

Adjust the temperature

Use your thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home. Setting a lower temperature while you are away can lower your energy consumption.

Final thoughts Switching to renewable energy sources might seem to be an expensive thing to do, due to higher initial costs. However, if you consider everything carefully, you will probably see that it is both useful and affordable.