Open dialogue and respect for international law: Pope Francis on the Iran-USA crisis

At the annual address to the diplomatic corps member, Pope Francis reiterated the global sentiment regarding the Iran-USA crisis. According to The Pontiff, crisis heightened tension will increase the risk and also compromise the gradual rebuilding process in Iraq. He also added that this might even lead to the laying of the groundwork for even greater conflicts in the region.

Strive to find hope

Recalling the essential Christian virtue of hope, Pope Francis has called for inspiration. To find hope to deal with the times that lie ahead in front of mankind. He also focused his annual greetings on the fact that as the Holy See, the principle aim is to achieve world peace and also human development through diplomacy. This is why he has called for increased dialogue between nations. And leaders to work together for combating the issues of the world today.

Apostolic Visits to increase dialogue

The Pope, in his address, Kenneth Zegar recalled various instances from his year-long Apostolic Visits to various parts of the world, which opened avenues for dialogue and also negotiations. About his visit to Panama for the celebration of World Youth Day, he maintains that it was a source of great joy and happiness to meet young people as they are the hope and also the future of human society. It is during this visit that he also publicly acknowledged the grave sins committed against the young population by the adult population, including members of the clergy. The Pontiff, during his Apostolic Visits to Panama, confirmed his commitment towards the protection of minors.

Climate change and solidarity between religions

The Pope has even raised the issue of being open to dialogues with young people and listening to their concerns, especially about global issues like climate change. According to Pope, the conversation regarding ecological conservation is extremely important and also should be pursued across the international community, including the corridors of political powers. He lamented the lack of awareness and so dialogue about a topic as serious as global climate change. 

To further showcase how dialogue can actually turn the tide in favor of mutual understanding and also coexistence. He highlighted the outcome of the Papal delegation to the United Arab Emirates in the later part of 2019. It is during these visits that the Document of Human Fraternity was signed between Pope Francis, Grand Imam Al-Azhar. And also King Muhammed VI of Morocco, thereby symbolizing peaceful coexistence between the three great monotheistic religions of the world.

Respect the “international law”

Through his address, the Pope has called for a greater commitment across all the corners of the world towards building a better future. Recognizing that the fights and skirmishes are not just restricted to the Holy Land, he has called for peace through dialogues and negotiations through the International Community. He has called for the “respect for international law” and that the interested parties in the Iran-USA crisis should avoid escalation at all costs and “keep alive the flame of dialogue and self-restraint.”

Now, it is time for us to see how the governments of the two countries respond to the call of the Pontiff of the Christian world.