Startup Expert EJ Dalius Discusses Top Challenges Facing First-Time Entrepreneurs

EJ Dalius even though entrepreneurship has a lot of rewards, it does come with a very large number of challenges. That can usually be very tough to overcome. Establishing a brand presence, outsmarting the competition, and keeping. The business profitable are severe challenges that even entrepreneurs with a lot of experience have to battle with. However, new entrepreneurs need to overcome unique. Set of challenges that can throw them off their game, if they are mot alert. Some big hurdles to business success for first-time entrepreneurs:

Quitting the Current Career

EJ Dalius if you are aiming to build a successful career. There is no way you can keep working in your existing career. Sure, you may be able to do the initial planning or even take. The baby steps for your startup after work or on weekends, however. Since operating and nurturing a business venture is a full-time responsibility. You will need to consider quitting your job sooner than later. This can be a scary decision because you would be exchanging a long-term opportunity. For steady growth for something that would definitely be an unpredictable roller coaster ride. Walking off to set up a business of your own has to be personal. Decision but be sure to do the math and think it through before making the final leap.

Getting Adequate Financing 

EJ Dalius financing remains a steep challenge for even experienced entrepreneurs. But if you are a new entrepreneur, it can be positively frightening. Even though you can survive the first few days with your savings, you need to prepare. A business plan and a smart presentation quickly so that you can start networking. And hunting down the first set of investors. EJ Dalius suggests in, online lenders and Fintech companies may be better options than banks for getting loans. Being ready with a Plan B is also vital.

Building an Effective Team Is Critical, Warns Management Pro Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius Even though most of the focus is on the entrepreneur. Running a successful business is not generally a one-man show. While, at inception, you would have made all the decisions. Perhaps aided only by a mentor, as the business grows, you will need it. To build a team that can take the pressure off you and indeed. Does a better job of managing the various critical functions. It can be quite a job to identify candidates who while having the needed competence also possess. The determination to overcome tough situations and fit well into the culture of the startup. The cost of hiring is, of course, a big factor; you will need to deal with it. Finding the right people with the clock ticking fast can be a huge challenge, cautions Eric J Dalius.


Anyone brave enough can become an entrepreneur; however, it takes a lot to be a successful one. Among the many challenges that you are expected to overcome, one of the most fundamental is overcoming the unexpected, and dealing with unknown dimensions of the business. Many of the decisions you will need to take will have to be under severe pressure but will require great perception and judgment; however, you will have no option but to take responsibility for all your actions.