You Can Pass the NBCOT® Exam at One Go- Learn How

While a student knows they require being disciplined and hold on to their study schedule for their upcoming NBCOT® exam. Often finding the study motivation for being on track is a challenge. One may say to himself/herself continuously that they will get sufficient time for studying prior to the exam. To make this happen in real can be an altogether different story. It is quite natural to find motivation and energy for picking up the book. It can be a tremendous challenge for overcoming. Relax, below are some tips that will provide study motivation to prepare for NBCOT® and thereby prevent excessive procrastination.

Tips to Consider

Make a Study Schedule and Maintain it-

To set dates for one and block off time for studying in their calendar will offer structure and keep them from procrastinating. Take, for instance, outlining the exact weeks they will study every content area. Outlining a week for focusing on pulmonary disorders, cardiovascular disorders, neuromuscular disorders, and musculoskeletal disorders. On the other hand, outlining another week for studying integumentary systems, endocrine, immunological, renal-genitourinary, gastrointestinal disorders amid others.

Stay Positive-

When it comes to productivity, positivity is the key. As per a study it has been discovered that negative influences are likely to shrink one’s hippocampus. It is a part of the brain which controls their emotions, houses memories as well as drives them in solving problems. Hence when one works in remembering essential materials leading to their exam. A lot of negative feelings and stress can be detrimental to their progress.

In fact, the stressors which an OT student faces cannot be avoided entirely but one can at least shift their perspective in focusing on the studies higher positive aspects. When the student keeps in mind their end goal, the NBCOT® study motivation automatically will turn easier. One needs to remind them continuously that through studying is enough of hard work but will only be worth it the moment they clear the exam and begin a rewarding career like an occupational therapist.

Avoid Forcing the Study Motivation-

Yes, positivity is important, but a student should never force himself in getting into the correct mindset for work. Should one’s body and mind tell them that relaxation is more vital rather than picking up a book, they should do so. It is better in finding the study motivation later on and returning to the book while they feel positive and well-rested as it will make them more conducive to studying. While building the study schedule for the NBCOT® exam, it is vital to outline the time clearly during the free time as this way a student will automatically be in a far better mindset for absorbing and retaining their materials. In fact, as this schedule is created, it is equally vital in building the required breaks at the study sessions for resting, recharging and revisiting their study materials in a refreshed mind.

Take the Help of Support System-

Creating a study group along with classmates will offer that positive peer pressure that one needs for sticking to their goals. Besides, along with the OT program classmates, if one takes the NBCOT exam prep course, they will automatically have the opportunity of connecting with more students that are working hard towards that same goal. Via the course, one will find about their biggest strengths as well as weaknesses along with finding study partners or forming study groups with those whose focus areas may complement or match theirs. If one forms a study group, then they should consider assigning a topic to one another for summarizing for all.

As per a study it has been proved that teaching others can be an effective means to learn. Hence in order to master any content area that one does not have much confidence studying it in a way that they need to teach the same to others and simply walk the study group via it. One can also make the most of forums and online groups such as Reddit and Facebook. As they walk for their NBCOT® test date, they can share the progress as well as exchange motivation tactics and study tips with such students too. 

Reward One to Meet their Goals-

Whenever one does hard work, they definitely deserve a reward. Though to clear the NBCOT® exam in itself will be satisfying once one completes studying, but they must have smaller goals too that leads to this. One needs in setting up a system for patting them figuratively on the back each time they clear a practice test and complete reviewing a chapter or topic that is really challenging. After reaching the end of the study, one should treat them to a wonderful meal outside, purchase them something that they had an eye on for a long time or reward them in other ways. One has stuck to his goals and all set to clear the NBCOT® exam.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, some fun ways of preparing for NBCOT® too can prove really helpful. One is what one eats. In order to avoid feeling tired and sluggish during the exam time, it is good to have a proper diet. Every meal should be healthy and full of nutrients. Also taking vitamin b-12 tablets will also help to improve energy levels and also improve the health of the brain overall. It is also good to take a good break in between and see some good shows on Netflix as it will refresh the mind.

Another good thing is to talk it out with friends or people working as an Occupational Therapist as they can guide one better and help them understand concepts better. Taking this to the streets too can help that is finding ways of applying what one has learned to real-life as and when possible. Last but not the least read about it such as reading good articles published in the popular OT Practice magazine can prove really helpful, so give this a try for NBCOT® exam.