Eric James Dalius Identifies the Business Trends that Will Be Impacting Business Growth in 2022 & Beyond

Whether you are running a small business or a marketer aspiring to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in SEO, email marketing, social media campaigns, paid advertising on Google AdWords and Facebook, there would be something new taking place all the time that could impact your overall digital marketing stratagem. According to Eric James Dalius, identifying and understanding the drivers or parameters that will be contributing to your business’s growth during 2022 and beyond will help you chalk out your precise business strategy for the next few years. Let us explore some of the business trends that should be dominating and impacting the business scenario in 2022 and beyond.

Major Boost in New Technology Adoption 

The best five business drivers in 2022 are supposed to be technology-based. It is, therefore, not surprising that novel technologies will be spurring overall business growth and culminate in boosting job creation and a definite rise in demand for expert or specialized skills.

Eric James Dalius Identifies Increased Use of Big Data as a Dominating Business Trend in 2022

Big Data and valuable analytics are important business resources. Both private and public organizations along with healthcare agencies in combating the COVID-19 global pandemic. Businesses are currently capable of tracking and analyzing volumes of valuable business data very much in real-time. With the advent of cloud software. They are able to make the necessary modifications to their business processes and techniques accordingly. Increasing utilization of big data is a dominating trend today and will be in 2022. As industries are gradually going deeper into Artificial Intelligence. As per the findings of a study, 85% of the respondents intended to go about expanding their overall adoption of big data analytics through 2022.

Eric James Dalius Anticipates More Reliance on Mobile Internet

However,as per statistics, around two-thirds of the total global population is supposed to be mobile subscribers. Mobile seems to be currently enjoying the greatest reach in terms of any technology. This sort of connectedness is sure to culminate in life-enhancing services as far as developing nations are concerned. And that may include increasing access to health and education services. The opportunity for mobile consumerism in the developed countries will be playing a pivotal role.

Definite Advancements in AI

Eric James Dalius believes that Artificial Intelligence is already being implemented to boost efficiency. Also, nhance productivity, and achieve improved performance in technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and many other industries. As per the 2017 Review by MIT Sloan Management. About 85% of executives firmly believe that Artificial Intelligence will be assisting their organizations in obtaining and sustaining a competitive edge. 

Leap In Cloud Technology

Cloud technology that had reinforced the global economy, remote workforces. And supply chains during the COVID-19 global pandemic will still continue to be the chief target. Focus for businesses hoping to boost scalability, achieve cost efficiency, and focus on business continuity in 2022. Also, as per the investment intentions of organizations surveyed in 2018 for “The Future of Jobs Report’’, around 72%. The participants expressed their desire to expand their overall adoption and implementation of cloud technology and computing by 2022. It will go a long way in making companies more collaborative, agile, scalable, and efficient while reducing expenses.


Tech startups seem to be the most happening, challenging. Volatile yet exceptionally profitable and 2022 will be witnessing brighter and more novel achievements. Entrepreneurs expect to invest in startups or plan to establish their own startups.