Greenland trailer out – Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin are running for their lives in the thriller

Actor Gerard Butler is in the lead for Greenland, an upcoming film based on an interstellar disaster. Following the 1998 convention of twin comet disaster films, i.e., Deep Impact and Armageddon, Greenland depicts the story of a crumbling comet, that starts to fall on planet earth. It starts to level cities and also leads to mayhem and also disruption all around. Greenland portrays Gerard Butler as a husband and father witnessing a gruesome challenge of rescuing his family. He has to do this as the planet killers are making their way to planet Earth from above.

A look at Greenland trailer

The trailer has a rough start! The news media concentrates on “Clark,” an interstellar comet, developing fragments and also making its way to Earth. Not everything seems well with Butler and his screen wife, essayed by the popular Deadpool and V actress, Morena Baccarin. There’s a shot of birds simultaneously. Soon, there’s a scene where a cloud shock followed by dust blows, and that knocks Gerard to the ground. And the collision takes up an entire space in central Florida. The disaster starts from there. The couple and their son begin to race in an attempt to save themselves.

Before moving, Nathan, who’s Gerard and also Morena’s little son, looks up at the horizon and also says, “The sky’s on fire.” The news reports are broadcasting about an extinction-level event, and also that’s when all the havoc starts. People are restless, and also all are trying to find a safe passage. Butler tells his wife, that was their only chance. He swears to ensure that his family makes it to the shelter.

When does the film release?

Greenland is expected to be at the theatres this year on August 15th. Since the global pandemic is a crude reality, one can only hope that moviegoers and also Butler’s fans will visit the theatre to watch his film.

Butler’s spare time breaks and new projects

We’ve seen that Butler has taken a break from the home quarantine during the pandemic phase rising a few months back. He was seen to head out to Malibu, at a beach. A few days back, with adequate safety protocols, the star and also few of his friends met at the Scopa Italian Roots restaurant, close to Venice. The actor had confirmed that a Den of Thieves sequel and also fourth Fallen film is on the cards as well.  He said that he needed his Mike Banning character back from the Fallen Franchise. In his words, Butler said, “He needs to come back.”

Gerard Butler also shared that he has received scripts for Den of Thieves daily. The actor, in his nonchalant way, confessed that Europe and also North America is a fun ride. He also mentioned the Marseilles district. The Den of Thieves would probably have a more European vibe this time, the actor claimed. One has to wait and also watch to see what it holds for his fans.