Hollywood Stars & Celebrities Who Came Up with Plastic Surgery Revelations In 2021

Stars getting cosmetic procedures done are quite a common affair in Hollywood as these procedures necessitate little or no downtime. Thanks to social media, today, news of stars and celebrities getting plastic surgery done, spreads like wildfire. Even though many celebrities and Hollywood stars prefer privacy and do not wish to disclose whether they got plastic surgery, today many women are no longer insecure or embarrassed about the modifications they are opting for to enhance their looks. For years the mention of Botox or plastic surgery was regarding as taboo particularly, in the Hollywood circuit where natural beauty gets appreciation and consideration to be ideal. 

However, with time Hollywood stars have become far more candid about their life, and all their decisions. Hence, they come up with their plastic surgery stories openly on Instagram, Twitter, or other social networking sites. Every year several stars reveal details about the cosmetic procedures they have undergone. From that perspective, 2021 is no exception. This year too, many notable personalities have come up with revelations of their plastic surgery.  

Ashley Tisdale

In May 2021, a couple of months after the birth of her baby girl, Jupiter French, we came across a selfie posting by Ashley Tisdale on Instagram with a caption that informs her fans that she had got her implants to remove a year back then she became pregnant. She now takes pride in her natural boobs. Her fans and followers quite took it surprisingly when she revealed this. 

Jana Kramer

In March 2021, actress, podcast host, and singer Jana Kramer shared a selfie on Instagram and informed her followers and fans that she was getting ready for cosmetic surgery. She says that after several years of giving it a thought, she has ultimately decided to go ahead with breast augmentation, as well as, lift. However, She did not wish to be secretive because she believes in being open. She has explained the reason why she has opted for the cosmetic procedures. After thatShe feels that post-pregnancy, she is a bit embarrassed about her looks and has been suffering from certain insecurities. She wants her boobs to be of the size and shape that she wishes to have.

Jessie James Decker

Former reality TV personality, actress, and country music singer, Jessie James Decker had undergone plastic surgery. To enhance her breasts post giving birth to three children. Even though she got it in 2020, she came up with the revelation this year. The actor told her followers and fans that her boobs had begun to sag and were touching her belly button. So she had to take proactive measures. She admitted in May 2021 on Instagram that she had to opt for the cosmetic procedure to get a better size. And get rid of such skin elasticity. Once she had decided that they would have no more babies. She decided to go for a breast lift and breast augmentation. 

Most Hollywood stars are pretty excited with their new look and in love with their newfound beauty and brand new appearance.