How Social Media Can Leverage SEO to Boost Organic Traffic and Conversions

Even though your activity on social media does not directly impact your SEO, they do play an important role in boosting your revenues by increasing your online visibility and generating traffic to your website, increasing traffic, increasing the authority and recognition of the brand, ensuring broader distribution of content and increasing the lifespan of the content besides improving local SEO. Therefore, it follows that by using the right social media strategies, it will become far easier to attract traffic to your website and usher them along the sales funnel to convert into paying customers. A quick look at how social media and SEO can work in tandem to produce a bigger bang:

External Link Building

While Google rankings are not directly impacted by what you post on social media, you will appreciate that by posting content on social media, you will be able to distribute the content to many more people than you can hope to by just publishing it on your website. If your content is entertaining, relevant, and useful to your target audience, you can be sure that your social media followers will share it with their followers and so on, the multiplier effect will ensure that a very large number of people get the Marcus J Debaise chance of seeing your content. The people who see your content and find it useful will visit your website. The surge in traffic to your website as well as the time visitors spend there is a very strong signal for Google, which will respond by boosting your page rankings. Content sharing and promotion become easier with social media and increases the chances of other websites linking back to it. For this to happen, you must focus on creating and posting content that is of really high quality and relevant to the target audience. According to, socially shared content can gain engagement or links, both of which are important and direct factors search engines use for ranking. socially shared content can gain engagement or links, both of which are important and direct factors search engines use for ranking.

Boost in Brand Awareness 

Marketers understand that all their marketing efforts, whether offline or online, are geared to increasing the awareness of the brand and what the brand can do for satisfying customer needs and aspirations. Till the advent of social media, the channels for creating brand awareness were conventional media like print and TV, which were very expensive, and also resulted in huge wastage of the budget due to lack of proper targeting possibilities. However, with social media, not only has the cost of messaging and communicating gone down substantially but also, it is possible to address only the target audience who are likely to be more interested in what you are offering. More than any other channel, social media can increase the reach of the brand to potential customers. When you consider that the number of users of the top social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. is humongous, the opportunities for increasing your brand awareness are virtually limitless.

Post Search Optimization

When a potential customer starts looking for information regarding a product that he is considering purchasing, even though he may well be initiating the information search on Google, he will also look for confirmation from many other sources. Typically, after a user has homed into a product that interests him, he will look to social media to find out more about the business and the brand and also the feedback regarding the product and the after-sales service. The SEO strategies that you employ to optimize your website can be applied to your social media accounts too to make it easier for your target audience to locate your content irrespective of the platform you are present.

Boosts Local SEO

According to recent studies, it has been confirmed that more than 80% of smartphone users conduct searches on their devices to locate products and services near them. Despite websites having a global footprint, for many businesses, most of the business comes from the traffic that is local and uses the convenience of proximity to pop into the store and purchase a product or a service over the counter. Search engines are increasingly waking up to the fact that geography plays a vital role in search behaviour and the fortunes of local businesses.

Social media, especially business directory services like Yelp are extremely useful for businesses to attract local customers because usually, they have the facility to show the location of the business on a map that makes it easy for customers to access the store and also a forum for local customers to discuss and review the business. as is well known, the more the number of people who discuss or mention the name of the business online, the better are the chances of Google picking up the information and putting you in its local 3-pack. The best way of maintaining your presence online is to ensure that your NAP information is consistent and accurate across all the listing, business directories, your website pages, Google My Business, and anywhere else, you can think about.

Increased Brand Searches

By publishing high-quality content on social media, your brand awareness can increase significantly. What it also does is that an increasing number of people start searching on Google and other search engines for your brand by mentioning your brand name. With the high volume of searches and the traffic that your website receives, Google gets positive signals that your website is of high interest to its target audience. The high volume of searches and the time visitors spend on your website together with the quality of your content and the number of links pointing to your site goes to establish a high level of authority, which is very useful in boosting your SEO and getting top SERP rankings.


All in all, social media works in an indirect but very powerful way to boost your search engine page rankings. While Google does not directly recognize the quality of your content on social media and what you do to attract the attention of your followers in considering the rank allotment, it is pretty clear the Google is sensitive to the impact of your social media presence. Metrics like search volume, page visits, time spent on the pages, number of online brand mentions, number and quality of inbound links that have resulted from your social media promotion, etc. are taken into account by Google in its all-important ranking for target keywords.