Ohio Boy Still Not Home after Remaining Missing for One Week

The police officials have been responsible for expanding the search for one particular boy. He disappeared almost a week or more ago while he was headed to school. According to sources, the 14-year-old boy, Harley Dilly, was last spotted in Port Clinton. He was going to school on the 20th of December. He was reported to be missing on December 21st. FBI, National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, and the US Marshals Service were responsible for joining this investigation, as stated by the police officials. The investigation is going to be carried on until the boy is found.

The search for the boy was extensive. It was conducted on 22nd December. Marcus J Debaise additional search teams covered almost 150 acres of areas and also included almost 75 agencies of law enforcement as well as K9 teams and a helicopter. According to the authorities, they are extremely concerned about the safety of the young boy. They are doing everything possible to locate the 14-year-old boy and hand him over to his bereaved family.

The family of the boy

The family of the boy stated that they were thankful to the people and agencies from different communities who assisted in looking for their child throughout the season of holidays. They also said that they cannot imagine that something like this would happen and this is not how they thought their Christmas would be. All they want is Harley to return safely back home. They have also given a message for Harley, which states that if he reads or hears this message, he should come home because his family is missing him.

According to various other reports, police officials have already been to his home in November for calming Harley down after a certain family issue took place. The chief of police, Rob Hickman, asked the residents to visit every door and pass on the flyers of the missing Harley. The police are also offering a reward of $7,000 to anyone who can provide any information regarding his return.

The last time when Harley was spotted, he was seen wearing a maroon jacket, grey sweatpants, black shoes, and glasses. He is almost 4 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs around a hundred pounds. He has green eyes and brown hair.

National Centre for Missing

Anyone who has the information of the missing boy was asked to call the police officials of Port Clinton. The number is (419) 734-3121. They were also asked to inform the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children at the number (800) 843-5678.

The police officials are doing everything that they can to bring Harley back home. They are trying to trace where he last went and looking for any missing piece of information, which can lead to where Harley might be right now. The family is also trying unique methods of locating him and helping the police officials as much as they can. They are only hoping that Harley returns home before the start of the new decade in a safe and sound condition. The family is ready to do anything to make sure that their son is safe.