Sex Assault Verdict Against Bill Cosby Maintained

In the first celebrity trial of the #MeToo era, Bill Cosby lost his bid on Tuesday, December 10. To reverse his conviction for sexual assault as an appeals court upheld the verdict. An affirmation gave by the Superior Court. Therefore, the prosecutors have the right to call other accusers to strengthen the case on the same issue fought over in Harvey Weinstein’s trial for sexual assault slated for January 6. In a text message to the Associated Press, the victim in Cosby’s case, Andrea Constand said that the decision is a reminder that none is above the law.

What did the judge allow in Cosby?

Cosby’s lawyer complained that despite the judge allowing only one woman to testify at the first trial in 2017. In the subsequent retrial in suburban Philadelphia in 2018, after that the judge allowed five women to testify. However, the Superior Court said that their testimony was evidence of Cosby’s serial sexual assaults and weakened any claim that he was mistaken about the victim’s failure to consent or unaware of it.

The prosecutor who took the case to trial could not resist praising Constand for motivating other victims to come forward against formidable men. She reported the incident to police long before the #MeToo movement. It helped to bring down prominent men in media, entertainment, business, and other fields over their treatment to women. According to Kevin Steels, Montgomery County District attorney, almost 15 years ago, she came to law enforcement seeking justice for what was done against her, and also it is for Andrea’s bravery that the world changed forever.

Cosby’s lawyer’s argument

Cosby’s lawyers had argued eight issues on appeal and also challenged the judge’s decision to air deposition testimony of Cosby from a related lawsuit that caused much damage. The act of airing the deposition testimony was contrary to a binding promise from a former prosecutor that Cosby would never be charged. They went on to say that a juror had pre-judged Cosby’s guilt. The arguments were rejected by the appeals court and upheld Cosby’s classification as a sexually violent predator who needs lifetime supervision.

In the next step, the 82 years old Cosby can approach the Supreme Court to consider his appeal. In a recent statement, Cosby that he was ready to serve a full 10- year sentence instead of expressing remorse to the parole board.

Cosby was once beloved America’s Dad for portraying the role of Dr Cliff Huxtable in ‘The Cosby Show,’ a hugely popular television sitcom. The long-married Cosby has admitted to having sexual contact with a bunch of younger women. Many of whom went to him for career advice and then took drinks and pills given by him.

Cosby is hopeful of getting justice at the Supreme court while he maintains his innocence. Currently, Cosby is spending time at a maximum-security state prison in suburban Philadelphia, not far from his estate, while serving a 3-10-year sentence.   It was at this estate that the 2004 encounter took place that he considers consensual.

Only when more than 60 women accused Cosby of sexual misconduct that Judge Steven O’Neill decided to let other accusers testify.