How To Prepare For Summer Power Outages

 1. Common Causes Of Power Outages   

The three most common causes of power outages are fires, storms, and glitches in the electric transmission system. The first two are due to human error and ignorance, whereas the third is caused by the malfunctioning of equipment. It is important to repair or replace this equipment as soon as possible so that the outage does not last for too long. Some other reasons why your Reliant energy services are shut off are from high demand on the electrical grid, planned power outages, fallen trees or vehicle accidents.

Heavy rain and wind are the main causes of severe weather outages throughout the United States. The National Weather Service has warned that there will be many severe weather events throughout the week with the highest threat from tornados and hailstorms. Some cities like Chicago have already seen a severe weather outbreak and severe thunderstorms which lasted for over seven days.

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Outages caused due to transmission failures are grave. A fault in the electrical power distribution can lead to many different problems including carbon monoxide poisoning, which can in some cases prove fatal. This is why it is always better to pay a little more attention to the transmission system of your building rather than trying to save money on your power supply. Carbon monoxide tends to concentrate at the point where the cable joins and if the fault is in this area you will not be able to get back electricity for weeks. Therefore, it is important that every construction site and workplace have a well-built and efficient ventilation system that can prevent the occurrence of carbon monoxide poisoning and its symptoms.

Storms are yet another major reason power plants experience power outages. As a result of heavy rain or snow falling on the facility, transformers and other parts of the electrical power plants tend to fail. If a transformer is seriously damaged, it can lead to a disastrous situation as the entire power plant can break down resulting in a blackout in your area. Although extreme weather conditions are one of the biggest reasons why transmission lines face such failures, they are by no means the only ones.

Faulty wiring is yet another reason why both power lines and transmission lines face the threat of breakdown. Many homes face the threat of damage due to water ingress as they are built near bodies of water such as rivers and seas. Because of the continuous flow of water into these areas, it makes the life of every appliance which makes use of electricity tougher. Because of constant exposure to water, a lot of appliances may start to malfunction as they become clogged by accumulated debris and other materials. This then leads to the failure of the power distribution system, which leads to an outage.

All these occurrences can be avoided with proper installation, maintenance, and protection of your home. The most important step to preventing these outages is making sure that your home’s supply is enough even during extreme weather conditions. In order to ensure that your home has a constant supply of electricity, it is advisable to have a backup generator during inclement weather conditions. In order to prevent serious voltage fluctuations, you should also install a surge protector strip or a separate breaker panel for each electric socket in your home.

If your home’s main power switch is the origin of your outages, try checking the fuse box first. Check the fuses for signs of wear or damage. This is often the case when there are supply shortages. If the switch cannot be found, the next best place to check is the circuit breaker panel. Besides being used to interrupt power for safety purposes, the panel is also usually the source of your home’s electrical supply.

           2. How To Plan And Prepare For A Summer Power Outage

It is prevalent during the summer to experience a few outages. But you shouldn’t worry too much. There are several ways to prepare for the possibility of a power outage.

Once you have your home ready for a power outage, the next question on your mind should be “How to plan and prepare for a power outage?” Here are some tips that may help you. If you have neighbors that are used to having power for their home, they may be able to give you advice or recommendations on how to prepare. Look at their electrical usage and notice what times they use the most electricity. You may want to follow them in order to avoid going through the same process.

If you know there are certain times of the year that your electricity goes out, you may want to consider a battery backup system. Some homes already have these in place. Others may need to be installed by a professional. A professional installation can be expensive, but if you have a reliable service in place, it may save you money in the long run.

Check your fuse box frequently. It should contain many fuses to handle any of the appliances you use to power your house at various times of the year. A good rule of thumb is to put two fuses on each wire. Don’t overload the box, as this could cause a short circuit and a trip to the local emergency room.

The most important thing you can do when you start thinking about how to plan and prepare for a summer power outage is to have your home prepared for emergencies. Make sure any electrical boxes you use to store electrical power belong to the appropriate people. If you are storing it all yourself, be sure that you are keeping the box away from things that could short circuit in the wiring. You also need to have emergency numbers such as your local fire station or the local police department on hand, just in case. Remember, not only can a power outage be dangerous, it can be costly.Your family’s safety is your top priority. Plan ahead for summer power outages by reading up on ways to prevent them. If you aren’t prepared to run the lights or air conditioning during a power outage, consider a battery backup system. Consider insulating some of the rooms that you use the most. Being prepared will allow you to minimize damage during a power outage and help get things back to normal sooner.