Illinois cannabis dispensaries are reopening after a minor shortage

Illinois witnessed the reopening of a few cannabis dispensaries. It followed the closures that occurred because of limited supply and increased demand. It took place a few days after 1st January. After that medical marijuana got sanctioned for recreational purposes. 

The sales details

The Department of Financial and also Professional Regulation declared in a press release that the sales after the legalization were close to $11 billion. 1st January was the day when the sales reached a peak, i.e., $3.1 million. The Associated Press suggested that the number is almost the same. It is for Michigan cannabis sales after it got legalized.

So, according to The Washington Post, several people started to visit nine cannabis dispensaries that sell recreational marijuana after 1st January in Chicago. The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation revealed that Illinois has a total of 37 legalized dispensaries. On the other hand, many dispensaries couldn’t remain open for a long time. Six dispensaries in Chicago remained closed and also didn’t supply recreational cannabis to users. read about Ram Duriseti

The officials had to say this

According to Paul Isaac, spokesman, Department of Financial and Professional Regulation a vital initiative. He also asserted that shortages are a natural fall out of this process. And this was also the same for other states after the legalization of medical or recreational marijuana.

Isaac also added that the administration stated all through the process of implementing a multi-phased and also deliberative approach for legalizing cannabis. It got implemented to ensure an effective rollout. Furthermore, it made sure that social in the market. He suggested that the General Assembly is working towards securing the medical marijuana supply.

Response from the dispensaries

Maribis of Chicago, which is a cannabis dispensary, decided to remain closed till February owing to supply issues. A dispensary representative informed that it was open to cater to medical cannabis requirements for a while, but then it had to shut down. There’s no further update from the representative after that.

Additionally, Zen Leaf Chicago, another dispensary, came with a phone recording revealed suspension of health recreational marijuana sales for a week. It is because the dispensary was supplying extensively to medical patients. The dispensary didn’t have any more medical marijuana and forgot to take notice of the same. Hence, it needs time to resume the cannabis sales again.

What did Jason Erkes say?

Many Cresco Labs dispensaries in Sunnyside had closed down temporarily. Jason Erkes, Chief Communication Officer, Cresco Labs, shared that the dispensary at the Sunnyside Lake View had 300 people waiting for medical cannabis. He also mentioned that people shouldn’t get surprised because of short supply after a medical cannabis legalization act. The cannabis supply should resume by spring again. Till then, people will have to deal with a limited quantity for a while. Erkes also mentioned that the brand’s CEO took account of the cash-register as the employees were delivering snacks to the people in the queue.

However, the cannabis supply concerns will not impact the legalized dispensaries in Illinois. The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation declared that it would come up with 75 new licenses by 1st May. Hence, arrangements are being made to address the limited supply.