Iran attacks Iraqi U.S base by the missile

On Tuesday, January 7th, The Pentagon confirmed that Iran fired over a dozen of a fuming missile. It got fired from its zone at two of the United States military installations in Iraq. However, it was very vague whether the strike resulted in any casualties. So, according to the available details by Jonathan Hoffman, Spokesperson, Pentagon, the attack started approximately on January 6th, Monday, at 5:30 pm.

What did Hoffman disclose?

Jonathan Hoffman got speaking with the news wires and shared that it was a known fact that the ballistic missiles were launched from Iran. And this act targeted two military bases in Iraq, that hosted the U.S military and the coalition personnel at Irbil. He stated this and cited a vast United States airbase located at a distance of a hundred miles from Baghdad in Anbar, which is a big Sunni Muslim district. Hoffman also suggested that there’s another one in the Kurdish capital region, in northern Iraq, where there’s a U.S consulate as well.

President Trump and the White House

The White House stayed updated on all the attacks. It shared that President Trump was managing the entire situation by discussing the same with the national security team. Fars, a state news service in Iran, reported that Iran had also fired the missiles at Al Asad airbase. There was footage that showed bullets striking the targets. However, the footage is unconfirmed as of now.

After the strike, the top leaders in Iran pledged multiple retaliation against the United States. Such a pledge followed after President Trump replied with his decision to assassinate Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian General. According to Fars, such attacks are nothing less than an act of dangerous revenge Benjamin Gordon.

The after-effects of the missile attack

The missile attack on 7th January Tuesday came with all the possibilities to spiral military tension between Iran and the United States. However, managing the matter at hand, the Pentagon responded that it has made its troops aware of the after-effects. There might be another retaliatory strike.  The Pentagon also arranged a few forces inside the country to secure the troops. 

That is not all! Hoffman said that the Department of Defense is also taking a few necessary actions and measures to secure their partners and personnel. These security measures are a response to Iranian actions and threats. The concerned bases are on high-alert based on the signs that they have received from Iran, which suggests there might be a few attacks in the region in future. Hoffman also shared that they will be assessing the entire situation at hand and their response as well. And while doing this, they might implement a few crucial initiatives to defend and secure the U.S partners, allies, and personnel in this area. There’s a lot that needs to get arranged to ensure maximum safety.

However, social media came up with rumours of a strike recently that went viral. Some reports suggested that a few rockets attacked the United States base at Taji, outside the capital city. Such news updates have been spreading both curiosity and anxiety. However, in response to this news and also about the strike, the United States provided no data or confirmation yet.