Importance of Mental Health in a Teenage Life According to Martin Polanco

In today’s life, mental health is as important as physical health. Especially, if your ward is a teenager, having a sound mind and body is essential in their growth says, Martin Polanco. The reason behind this thing is building a strong relationship with peers has great relevance in their lives as it plays an important role in dealing with daily challenges. Teens who have sound mental health feel good about themselves and enjoy life in a better and productive way. It becomes easier for them to resist negative thoughts and disappointments. According to a study, it has been observed that kids with better mental health take proper diet and have a healthy relationship with their family and friends. Let’s move further and know more about the importance of mental health in teenage life.

Martin Polanco on Promoting mental health in a teenage health

The love and support that you extend towards your wards directly affect their mental health. If you are supporting enough in their tough times especially during their puberty period, their chances of experiencing a mental health issue reduces. Here are a few ideas that may help in promoting the mental health of your child, have a look-

  • Do not hesitate in showing your affection and care
  • Be interested in what’s going around their lives
  • Praise them in their achievements and support them in their failures
  • Spend appropriate time with them and encourage them to express themselves in a proper way
  • Help them in figuring out their issues whether it is an assignment or crush

Along with these things, it is suggested that you must have a word with their teachers and close friends to know them in a better way. If you still have concerns with their mental health consult a specialist.

Physical health plays an important role in mental health

There are times when kids who are very much active in their pre-teenage years, become a victim of obesity and bad physical health. This is mostly due to their bad mental health. Now you may be wondering, how that’s interrelated? Mostly it is due to lack of motivation says, Martin Polanco. It is suggested that you should encourage your child to participate in physical activities so that they remain active. When a teenager is involved in some kind of sports, they hold more energy and feel more confident. It also helps them in having a sound sleep and managing stress.

Wonder if your ward needs assistance for their mental health

Puberty leads to rebellious behavior and frequent mood swings but these are not the actual signs of mental health issues. It is important that you understand their needs and wants. In order to give them a helping hand, you must talk to them. If your ward behaves lazily than usual and sounds quite low. There is no harm in taking professional help and solve their problem in the most efficient way.

Forget about the advice that mental health could get better on its own. Some good psychiatrists and consultants are out there. To help your ward in overcoming depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Reach out to them and provide your ward a gift of a better and confident life.