King Richard’s Trailer Has Left the Smith Fans Longing For More

Who is not aware of the achievements of the Williams sisters in the world of tennis? To tell the story of the rise of these sisters. The biopic has been made that schedules to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures in November 2021. But it’s not the sisters’ perspective that is taken into consideration. Rather, it’s a story told from the perspective of Serena and Venus Williams’ father Richard. Only the trailer has been released and already people are speculating that Will Smith’s performance will surely make its way into the Oscars.  Will Smith.  

Smith portrays the character of the father. Being a parent to the dynamic duo who have dominated the tennis court for more than two decades and have bagged thirty singles championships between them, is not an easy task.  

Richard Williams’s portrayal in the movie

Richard is a deterred father, who becomes the coach of his daughters and trains them to be exceptionally gifted athletes of all time. He has a clear vision and a plan chalked out in his mind which he intends to follow that eventually enables Serena and Venus Williams to attain the center stage in the tennis court. In one scene, he says, “I wrote a seventy-eight-page plan for their whole career before they were even born.” This was not an easy journey for a black father of two daughters. To secure practice time at the local tennis court of Compton, Richard had to go through many hurdles like fighting drug dealers and gang members which left him with a broken jaw, nose, and fingers. The fight resulted in losing ten of Richard’s teeth as well.  But nothing could break his spirits though.

He not only coached his daughters but also prepared them to face criticism. Commitment, courage, and confidence was their driving force. They imbibed these qualities which governed them in achieving success in life.

Speculated plot of the movie

Looking at the trailer, one can surely guess what the plot of the movie can be. It gives the world a glimpse of the unconventional journey that Richard had taken to gift us with the tennis superstars.

People’s opinion

The 150 seconds trailer that is meant for mainstream moviegoers has caught the eyes of everyone. It promises to be an engaging and uplifting movie to look forward to. People are praising Smith’s performance and we won’t surprise if it gets a nomination for the Oscars. Fans of Smith have been floor by the acting they got to witness in the trailer.

But many believe that the character of Richards has been deliberately made to play by Will Smith to draw the audience of all demographics to watch the movie in the theatres. This strategy has been used in the past to promote films. But in actuality the audience found the movies to be quite disheartening.


All assumptions will come to an end on the final date of release of the movie that has been disclosing to be Nov 19th of this year. Smith has all the needed potential to portray such a strong character of Richard’s. His performance in ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ ‘Ali’, ‘Seven Pounds’ has set the bar high for him. We hope the film becomes a great success.