Idris Elba Wants People To Love Cinema Again

Idris Elba is at present waiting for the release of his new film, ‘The Suicide Squad 2’ directed by James Gunn. The movie will be releasing on August 5. Earlier it was rumored that Idris will be replacing the character of Will Smith i.e. Deadshot. After Will drops out due to some conflicts it was deciding that Idris will play a new character Bloodsport in the Cinema movie. 

Idris wants people to fall in love with cinema again and said that the love of the audiences is the lifeblood of the industry. 

Idris’ new film will be releasing at a time when people are making their way back to the theatres after a long time. So what does Idris wants his audiences to take from this film? 

We are going to see Idris in the film in the role of Bloodsport which is based on a fictional character. Idris says that he wants people to realize that imagination is still alive. Storytelling is the vital part of a movie that all the actors in it do and that is what defines what they do and their purpose on this planet. Audiences enjoy it when some great storytellers narrate highly energetic and empathetic stories. This is the main reason why people love cinema, they go out and experience the film together. As said before, the love of the audience is the lifeblood of the Hollywood industry and so he wants people to fall in love with cinemas again.

The incredible films that they make portray its full glory to the audiences only when it is in theatres. Idris also shared that the scale of the movie is very special and so Idris hopes that this film will leave a mark in the mind of its audiences. And wants his audience to grow crazy saying “Yo, man. I saw The Suicide Squad and it was amazing”. He wants his film to remind people of why they love cinema

Idris also shared his experience of working with James Gunn. He said that it was a great experience to work with James. He also mentions that James allows their characters to grow as John Cena who is playing the role of Peacemaker. In the film and Idris had a lot of liberty to grow their characters. 

Idris also shared that at the time of script reading his character did not have a name even. And this is the main reason that provided a lot of room for his character to grow. 

Idris also talked about his co-star John Cena. He praised John Cena saying he is a very nice person. Idris also said that he has always been a fan of John. Loved him as a wrestler and now also as an entertainer and an actor. Though John is a complete expert at whatever he does he still learns and tries to improve himself. John is a very collaborative person and is also an open-minded one. Idris said John is an improvisational genius.