Taylor Swift urges for Equality Act enforcement – She blasts 2020 U.S Census for nonbinary and transgender removal

Taylor Swift has more to herself than being a narrative songwriter and successful singer! She’s been raising her voice for relevant issues. Swift, who won 10 Grammy Awards, participated in the Stonewall Day Livestream by Pride Live. It’s an annual celebration of Stonewall revolution dating back to 1969, which facilitates the new-age gay rights activism. While the singer’s taped segment, Swift had appreciated U.S Supreme Court’s move held last week, which safeguards the LGBTQ community from any workplace discrimination. Swift supported the enforcement of the Equality Act 2020. Additionally, the singer also blasted the U.S 2020 Census for leaving out the nonbinary and transgender people.

The singer’s activist perspective

Taylor Swift started her message by saying that she wanted to wish a happy Pride Month! Also, that Stonewall Inn was a significant sign of rebellion amidst oppression and is a secure place for people. She said that she wants to thank everyone who works here and their efforts to make the place what it stands for. With these words, people could see the singer’s activist side radiating, and she addressed several issues that she considered relevant.

Here Swift also mentioned about Supreme Court’s ruling previous month, the 1964 Civil Rights Act that forbids sex discrimination. It applies to all kinds of discrimination, which gets based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Taylor Swift asserted that the Supreme Court was proactive in its attempts concerning sex discrimination. Yet, it’s a long path to travel regarding LGBTQ security and equality. A lot needs to get addressed in the trans community.

The grey areas at work

Despite the singer’s approval, she had taken the plea for equal right one step ahead. It pointed out that the Equality Act didn’t get passed and stressed the need for it to take place. The other concern that Swift brought up was the U.S Census 2020 and what she considers an absence of inclusion. She reported receiving her Census, which had two gender choices i.e., female and male, that upset her completely. The removal of the nonbinary and transgender community was disappointing and needed to get worked upon.

Delving on the matter, the singer went on to address the discrepancy that exists in the information collection process. She said, when the system fails to collect data on a particular section of people, there are excuses not to back them up as well. It’s a rude way to dismiss them as a community. After that, she addressed the absence of gender diversity and used it as a call to action urging her fans to vote.

Her final thoughts on the issue at hand

Taylor Swift emphasizes people’s annual voting rights! She also mentions that it’s essential to check the absentee ballot policy as well. The state must elect people who have a holistic view of gender equality and cares for every community. Swift ended by wishing people a happy Pride Month and urged to carry on this fight for a cause.

Few other prominent speakers in Pride Live’s Stonewall Day online event included names like pop-star Kesha, Devi Lovato, President Barrack Obama, actor George Takei, actress Cynthia Erivo and many more.