Popular celebrities and their reason for declining plastic surgery

The showbiz world has its pressure. Acting or modeling, it is necessary for popular people to present themselves in a certain way. It’s essential to look attractive and a certain way to attract ad projects and also other works. Hence, it’s unusual that you find notable U.S actresses and also celebrities willingly trusting the doctor’s knives as they say yes to plastic surgery. On the other end of the spectrum, there are another set of celebrities and stars who haven’t said yes to plastic surgery in their career.

It’s indeed interesting to get to know their reasons and perspectives!

  • Meryl Streep thinks it’s not a good idea to get a surgery

Meryl Streep, an Oscar-winning actress, has reservations against plastic/cosmetic surgery. And after seeing the adverse side effects in other actresses, she thinks her judgment is correct. The actress believes that surgery is almost like a veil in front of the actor/actress’s face. It’s not them after a while. Meryl Streep says that there’s a blessing in saying yes to the gift of aging gracefully. Simultaneously, she is astonished to see how actors have gone for surgery as they started aging. According to her, life is indeed precious, and it’s essential to take one’s appearance authentically.

  • PINK thinks it’s best to stay natural

The famous “What About Us” singer revealed on her Twitter post that she noticed the aging signs. And at times, that makes her feel slightly weird. However, she is all set to embrace her age. She has a ritual of speaking to herself. She takes time to address and accept her aging and urges her inner self to embrace it with love. She confesses that at times the thought of a plastic/cosmetic surgery does cross her mind. But then she recollects the ones who’ve done the surgery in events, where their faces don’t move. And that is something PINK is not okay with.

  • Amanda Peet doesn’t support any invasive face treatment

Amanda Peet shares that she is against any invasive face treatment and also that she’s never opted in for fillers or Botox. The actress also shares that probably becoming a mother might have made her stay away from surgery. She says that she perhaps attributes this decision to having two girls like her daughter. Amanda also confesses of being completely scared of the process. And also that fear made her not touch cocaine or drugs as well. She considers other ways of enhancing facial beauty other than plastic surgery.

  • Julianne Moore respects free-will

Julianne Moore herself didn’t say yes to plastic surgery or Botox treatment and also thinks it’s other’s free will. She can’t hate anyone for choosing plastic surgery. But she believes it doesn’t make most look better. Instead, it appears that something horrible got done to their whole face with an alteration that doesn’t look natural.

  • Halley Berry counts on natural beauty

Halley Berry confesses of being pressurized to go in for surgery for her work. But she always asked herself if she needs it, just because others are doing it. However, she says natural and also authentic beauty has its charm and also essence. Aging is natural. Acceptance of one’s look, body, and age can make one look better at age.

The U.S celebrity world has actresses and stars who still choose to look flawed instead of correct, but lifeless.