Tentative first steps for New Orleans businesses that are gradually opening after the lockdown

The coronavirus death toll in the US is about to touch the 1,00,000 mark gradually as states are gearing up to reopen as soon as possible. From mid-May, all 50 states have begun lifting restrictions imposed for combating the COVID-19 outbreak. However, many public health officials and politicians have continued to raise concerns that increased activity could put Americans to a new risk of a surge in infections.

New Orleans set to open

Here are some significant developments over the past week. After weeks of complete lockdown, gradually including all businesses. As well as places of worship Saturday, May 16 was a memorable day for New Orleans. It took its first steps to relax restrictions.   A day earlier, on May 15, the rest of the state allowed the opening of businesses and places of worship. To reopen at 25% capacity. However, New Orleans is a bit more cautious and slightly more restrictive. The capacity restrictions apply to gradually certain other types of businesses, too, like nail salons. That must follow the guidelines about reservations. The city has capped gatherings at places of worship and movie theaters.

About opening with some ready to give it a try by opening while others prefer to take more time and stay closed.

The experience of re-opening restaurants

The Ruby Slipper Café, a restaurant that breakfast brunch and lunch options to its customers and located in New Orleans, gradually Baton Rouge and Metairie were among the restaurants that chose to open. Its CEO, Jennifer Weishaupt, shared her experience on opening day. She was delighted to see some folks standing in front of the restaurant at 8 am but the day footfall was less than anticipated because of bad weather. Louisiana experienced a storm, and it rained in parts of the south.

She went on to say that the staff, Since the most stringent rules, are in force in New Orleans, it would require guests to wear face masks, and the restaurant staff needs to take the person’s name. She remarked about getting some funny names, which could be an issue later. Overall, she was cautiously optimistic and excited about opening. The doors of the café as they would be ready to reconnect with many guests who were regulars. Among the steady stream of customers before the lockdown.

The new order

Cane & Table located in the French Quarter was another restaurant that opened on Saturday, May 16. The restaurant encourages gradually guests to order food when making an online reservation as it allows contactless ordering. They must wear masks when coming to the restaurant as the staff would also be wearing them.

The restaurant aims to provide a touch-less experience to guests and is gearing up for it.