The Pensacola Shooting Compels the Navy to Take a Hard Look at Gun-buying for Foreign Trainees

The deadly shooting at a naval air station in Pensacola, Florida, has compelled. The Pentagon to prevail upon Congress to make it harder for foreign nationals taking part in military training in the US to buy guns. Regardless, the FBI’s presumption that the killing of three US sailors was a terrorist act. The handgun used by the assailant was purchased lawfully in Florida. The revelation has left everyone perplexed, and also the Pentagon’s insistence to clamp down on gun buying seems to have sound logic.   It appears that everyone has been unaware of the law that allowed. Because the member of the Royal Saudi Air Force to buy a gun legally. David Morgan, the sheriff of Escambia County, Florida, has told CNN that he had asked the attorneys of the sheriff’s office. To research the law that allowed the attacker to buy a gun.

What did Thomas Modly Say?

Thomas Modly, the acting secretary of the Navy, told during an interview with NBC. That the Pentagon is considering measures to augment. The protection of military personnel and also families and military installations. The support that the Pentagon is seeking from Congress in imposing more restrictions for foreign nationals to buy guns is a move in that direction.  Also, more intense screening of foreign nationals, including continuous therefore vetting, is under consideration.

But, Modly highlighted the necessity and vital importance of the training programs. In which 21-year old Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani was a member. He emphasized the need for such training programs involving partners. He also allies that was important not only for US national security but as well as for the international security of many other nations.

The Pentagon said last week that 5,181 students from 153 countries. That the included 852 Saudis were in the US for security cooperation related training under the aegis of the Department of Defense. It has been a policy of the Pentagon to vet foreign nationals who want to participate in the program. For drug trafficking, corruption, terrorist activity, and also criminal conduct.

On July 11, 2019, Alshamrani obtained a valid hunting license in Florida that helped him to buy a weapon within the state. The semi-automatic shooting handgun that he used in the attack was purchased nine days later from a licensed dealer. The deadly shooting at Pensacola was the second incident in a week preceded by a similar incident at Joint Base Hickam. In Pearl Harbor, where a sailor murdered two employees before killing himself.

The consecutive shootings have prompted the administration to take additional steps to have a better understanding when people express potentially destructive behavior or are under stress. Modly stressed the need to do a better job in confronting these types of issues. The Navy is feeling the effect of both incidents.

Wings of Gold Award

Modly, posthumously awarded the Wings of Gold to the victims –Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson. Airman Mohammed Sameh Haitham, and Airman Apprentice Cameron Scott. It was for their actions as well as the response of the Naval Security Force that a larger disaster could be avoided.