Top 5 Hottest Asian Men in Hollywood Right Now

After years, Hollywood is recognizing their Asian male actors. Not only Hollywood is appreciating them for their acting skills but also their personality and style. Asian men are both hot and possess great acting skills. Here is a list of the top 5 hottest Asian men in Hollywood right now. 

Justin Chon                                                        

Justin Chon, an actor, and director was born and raised in California. He has starred as a key character in many famous movies such as the Twilight series and the Revenge of the Green Dragons. This movie was directed by Martin Scorsese and Justin Chon made his first Nickelodeon appearance through this movie. The Korean American actor started his directorial journey in 2017 when he directed the Gook. It was a 90’s Los Angeles riot drama and won the Independent Spirit Award and the Next Category of the Sundance Film Festival. After that, he directed contemporary sibling drama, Ms. Purple. His latest project, Blue Bayou, stars Chon as well as Alicia Vikander. 

Henry Golding

Television host, model, and actor Henry Golding was born in Malaysia and later shifted to England at the end of 8. However, he still came back to Malaysia at the age of 21 to establish himself as an actor. Golding was recognized by the international stardom as he was the lead character in the all-Asian romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians. There he played the role of rich and handsome Nick Young. Apart from hosting TV shows, he also hosted many reality games. 

Dev Patel

Dev Patel has achieved a lot of success since his debut on Skins as the awkward burnout. However, his breakout role and best acting came in Slumdog Millionaire at 19 years old. The movie was in direction by Danny Boyle and it was so great that the movie won an Oscar. Dev then becomes one of the youngest Best Actor nominees at the BAFTA. Then he showed his acting skills and played lead roles in Chappie, Hotel Mumbai, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, etc. Dev Patel shared the screen with Hugh Jackman in Chappie. 

Lewis Tan

British Chinese actor and martial artist Lewis Tan are known for his Kung Fu skills. His father was also a Singaporean actor and stunt manager who directed fights in famous movies like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Batman. After achieving a lot of success in the modeling career, Lewis Tan became the face of Nivea and reserves guests’ spots in many TV shows like the CSI franchise and Hawaii Five-O. Tan was the lead character in the award-winning drama Sacrifice. After that, he continued showcasing his acting abilities in Marvel’s Iron Fist and Netflix’s Wu Assassins. 

Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmed has various talents. His extraordinary and charming personality helps him to stay apart from the crowd. Riz is the first Asian to win HBO’s Premier Emmy and put out a Hamilton-inspired mixtape. Apart from graduating from Oxford, Riz is also a successful rapper and the first Muslim and Asian to get a nomination for an Oscar due to his splendid acting capabilities in the Sound of Metal. He also nominates for two Golden Globes.