Ej Dalius: Exploring some of the unspoken entrepreneurial challenges

Ej Dalius talk to any successful entrepreneur and they will share their stories of struggles and hardships before they got the flashy cars and expensive offices. Everyone says good things about entrepreneurship, which can be personally and socially motivating. However, many leave with tears in their eyes after facing rejections. If you don’t want to drop out, be ready to stomach many things and follow through the ups and downs. Plenty of sleepless nights will be there, and it doesn’t stop at this. Many challenges remain unspoken and often unaddressed.

EjDalius, a leading entrepreneur and marketer, wants to introduce you to reality so that you are ready to go beyond testing the water when you enter.  Here is a quick view of some rarely shared entrepreneurial challenges.

The not-so-known challenges of an entrepreneur’s life by Eric J Dalius

It can sound surprising, but more than 95% of entrepreneurs’ time goes into waiting and worrying. The person has to imagine a broader picture of the business and avoid all types of distractions. One common thing that you can find them saying is do less and achieve more. After hours and days of pondering, an entrepreneur does something and then waits to materialize so that they can react.

Eric J Dalius believes that it takes time for something to work. One can advise you to be patient. But the fact is nobody has patience, and it’s entirely possible. If you want something, you want it. However, you can say that an entrepreneur’s tolerance level is a conditioned form of impatience because of his life experiences. Even then, it may be challenging to keep calm because entrepreneurs have to prove themselves at every stage. For example, you show interest in a property and make an offer to a seller. Until you get a response from the other end, you can feel restless and reach out to him again.

Besides, you may also have to wait for accountants and attorneys to give you certain documents urgently. But the matter drags for an endless number of days, weeks, and months. And even if you get them, you know you will have to check and attest them so that you can finally dispatch the same.

Another fight they face is in the areas of conceptualization and actualization. You can have countless ideas, but you cannot make anything out of them unless you put them to work. Experts say that success depends on 99% of actualization and 1% of conceptualization.

Eric Dalius: What should be your decision?

You cannot understand your capability without putting yourself into a particular situation. However, it is still better to analyze how far you are ready to stretch yourself, especially when you know you have to shoulder everything. Eric Dalius says that success will be yours, and so will be the failure. If you think you can manage any situation, it makes sense to take a plunge.

A bit of awareness, understanding, and lots of hard work can show you the ultimate path. So, test yourself once.