What are the challenges for the entrepreneurs with the new-normal? Solutions by Ej Dalius

Ej Dalius COVID-19 outbreak adversely affected the economy, business, companies, entrepreneurs, and life in general. The constant market fluctuations and economic instabilities have made it complicated for entrepreneurs to plan their way. The constant partial lockdowns and unlock phases might help resume office operations, but it does not help create a solid business strategy. The market and economy are vulnerable. Until there is a medical breakthrough, no one can predict the business roadmap to future success. Hence as the new normal settles in entrepreneurs need to address the existing and upcoming business challenges and find a way out.

Eric J Dalius on entrepreneurial challenges and solutions

Ej Dalius Small and established business entrepreneurs are finding it challenging to get their entire staff at work. Maintaining social distancing is essential, and for that, that entrepreneurs need to have limited staff at the office and work on a rotation basis. It is just a single problem. Eric J Dalius, an entrepreneur, lists down few other challenges and provides a solution.

  1. “Work safety rules,” says Eric Dalius

No one wants to join the office and fall sick. Hence, one of the challenges that entrepreneurs need to pay close attention to is workplace safety. It’s necessary to sanitize the office daily before and after the staff leave office. Also, there should be provision for facial masks, sanitizers, and cleansers for the staff. Entrepreneurs should ensure that the team sits at a reasonable distance from each other and not use anyone else’s cubicle. Here entrepreneurs need to arrive at a balance between making the office staff work overtime or distribute the work between people who are working from home and office.

2. Lesser demand

Marketers can’t accurately predict the pace at which the market will grow. If the pandemic contamination increases, the market and the economy might stagnate for a while as well. Currently, there is less demand from the customers. It is because most people are scared to place an online order or want to save more money. Eric Dalius says that it is essential for entrepreneurs to stay patient and work on strategies to keep their business afloat, instead of making massive sales and profits. When the economy improves, the market will improve, and the sales will pick up as well.

3. Sudden increased demand

As we are settling down with the new reality, the customer buying habit is also changing. EjDalius says that there are bouts of panic buying phases for customers. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that their company is equipped with human and capital resources to cater to the sudden increase in demand to a great extent. It is the only chance for them to make increased sales and profits.

4. Client management

Entrepreneurs should attend their existing clients correctly and provide quality services. The current clients might decide to work on a project basis. And that makes it essential for the entrepreneurs to start looking for new clients so that there is a steady revenue stream, irrespective clients work on a monthly or project basis. There are several other challenges that entrepreneurs might have to face in this new standard era. However, addressing the problems mentioned above will help them to progress significantly and make go