New Parent Charged in College Admission Bribery Scam Sweeping the US

Dozens of parents and also others are facing charges in college admissions cheating scheme which the authorities called biggest college admission. Scams ever prosecuted by the US Justice Department. It was a $25 million bribery case against 50 people who belong to the cream of the society. The scheme involved wealthy parents bribing insiders and also college coaches. Earlier in March, Andrew Lelling, the Attorney in Massachusetts, had said in a Boston court.

The latest to face the charge is a woman from California who has agreed to plead guilty as disclosed by the federal prosecutors this week. So according to a statement issued by the US Attorney’s office for the District. Massachusetts on Monday 9th November, the 57-year woman named Karen Littlefair of Newport Beach is accused of paying $9,000 to have someone to take online to enable her son to graduate from Georgetown University. The person supposedly belongs to William ‘Rick’ Singer, the mastermind of the company that runs the scheme.

Parent pleads guilty

As revealed by the prosecutors, Littlefair will plead guilty later to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Although the charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment. The prosecutors are going to recommend a sentence of four months imprisonment together with restitution and affine of $9,500.  The Associated Press reports that Kenneth Julian, a lawyer representing Littlefair, said that his client had availed the earliest opportunity to take responsibility for her conduct. 

Littlefair is the latest person to be accused In the scheme. The Prosecutors had announced in March that the code name of the investigation carried out by the FBI that included Hollywood actresses Lory Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. Prosecutors said that the employee of Singer’s company engaged by Littlefair had completed four classes for her son at Georgetown and also other places.

Who else is involved?

Huffman was nominated once for the Oscar is the wife of onetime Oscar nominee William H. Macy, and also herself. In May, she pleaded guilty to honest services fraud and also mail fraud and admitted paying $15,000 to Singer to cheat on daughter Stephen Grace Macy’s SAT in 2017. She has been released after serving her sentence of 14 days in prison.

Loughlin, whom people know for her role in ‘Full House’ along with Mossimo Giannulli, her fashion-designer husband, is fighting the charges. They were among the people charged with bribery in October, and in the following month, they pleaded not guilty.

Using the credits of the online courses taken by an employee of Singer’s company, Littlefair’s son graduated in May 2018 from Georgetown. Georgetown said that the school could revoke degrees in cases of major misconduct but declined to comment about any possible disciplinary action to the Advanced Placement (AP).

The singer wore a wire for the FBI in the case and also is cooperating with the Government after pleading guilty. Officials have said that in some of the cases, parents have tried to get their children. They also admitted as fraudulent athletic recruits or boosted their score or both.