Top Three Entrepreneurial Challenges and How to Overcome Them – The Robert Trosten Blueprint

The intensity of competition in the world of business today means entrepreneurs have to face and overcome far more challenges. However, the good thing is that they now have more resources to tackle them. However, entrepreneurs still need to acknowledge the issues and gear up to tackle them sensibly. A few of the challenges that make the life of contemporary entrepreneurs tough and how to successfully overcome them:

Lack of Capital is the Top Challenge Facing Entrepreneurs, According to Robert Trosten

The first challenge that faces almost every entrepreneur is the lack of capital challenges to set up and expand challenges in their businesses. While entrepreneurs can examine the large number of funding options ranging from contributions from family and friends to bank loans, crowdfunding, seed funding, etc. it may be best for them to grow organically by plowing back profits. Entrepreneurs can keep on working to find new customers while striving to deliver exceptional service to the existing ones. Positive word-of-mouth will act to attract customers while you can develop and scale up your capabilities. The growth will be slow but you will be able to avoid much of the stress due to the requirement to grow fast to service the debt or please investors.

Proper Cash Flow Management Is Essential for Survival, Observes Robert Trosten

Even if the startup is profitable, it can go down if the entrepreneur is unable to manage the cash flow properly, warns Robert Trosten. A proper cash flow ensures that you can pay your bills on time. Because you have been able to get paid on time by your customers. Often, the inability to raise invoices on time and that of your customers. To pay within the allowable credit period means you are unable to pay your suppliers or even your employees. While you need to implement good budgeting practices, you should also raise invoices faster. Shorten the credit period or even ask for immediate payment, and ask for a down payment. While challenges negotiating longer credit from your suppliers 

Time Management Is Critical for Accomplishing Goals, Warms Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

While, entrepreneurs do need to multitask intensively, at least in the initial stages. They can reduce the pressure on time significantly by planning well. Instead of getting embroiled in the mess of daily tasks screaming for attention, you should work your way downward. Establish the goals of your business, create annual milestones, establish monthly and weekly goals. And then figure out what needs to be achieved daily. Eliminate tasks that do not support your goals and keep on asking yourself whether any activity. It justifies your involvement or can be automated, delegated, or outsourced. According to, entrepreneurs may find it useful to invest in a productivity challenges planning tool to learn better time management.


The life of entrepreneurs can be really tough and it is very easy to become discouraged in the face of failure or lack of expected business growth. Seek encouragement from family and friends as well as a network of peers who can objectively guide you. Reexamine your goals and identify where things are going wrong and realign the business. Instead of letting your emotions take control, use all your intelligence and perseverance to overcome problems, and achieve success.